President Kufour Beware NPP Wants To embarrass You With This CHRAJ Report

Yesterday, CHRAJ came up with its report on bribery and conflict of interest allegations levelled against President Mahama by some individuals and associations. The commission vindicated the President by concluding in its report that, the President neither took bribe nor engaged in any conflict of interest hence dismissed the case and said there will be no need for further investigations.

This decision by CHRAJ to dismiss the case has been met by opposing views from the NPP. Unfortunately, the NPP are trying to embarrass former President Kufour by trying to compare the report on this case to that of the infamous “Hotel Kufour” report.

Unlike the “Hotel Kufour” saga where conflicting accounts were given with regards to the role Miss. Yazji played in the negotiation process, there is not a single conflicting account by any witness in this case.

It will be recalled that Chief Kufour (son of former President Kufour) told CHRAJ that Miss Yazji was negotiating on her own behalf. Hon. Yeboah who was an NPP MP at the time, told CHRAJ that he assumed Miss Yazji was negotiating on behalf of President Kufour while Mr. Saoud (owner of the hotel before its sale) told the commission that Miss Yazji was negotiating on behalf of the Spanish government. No conflicting evidence of this nature was reported in the case of President Mahama.

The false allegations leveled against President Mahama has been dismissed by CHRAJ without conflicting accounts from witnesses and it is unfortunate that some elements in the NPP are trying to subtly embarrass former President Kufour by bringing up the commission’s report on the “Hotel Kufour” saga that was also dismissed by the commission despite the conflicting accounts from the three people who played key roles in the negotiations on the role played by Miss Yazji in the whole deal.

Below is the full Chraj report on the “Hotel Kuffour” saga

chraj report on the “Hotel Kuffour”

By Phreddy Plies/GhanaPoliticsonline.com

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