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Attempts to criminalize opponents is the weapon of Akufo Addo and his Npp government. In the two years of his rule, Akufo Addo’s major weapon has been to harass the opposition using his agents in our state institutions while covering up his own sins of corruption, omission and commission and corruption in his government. The systematic harassment and humiliation by the President and his agents of perceived political opponents, people and organizations with contrary opinions including civil society organizations, pastors must stop.

There must be strict adherence to the principle of Rule of law and protection for all citizens by the President and his government. Aside planned arrests, detentions and harassment of opposition leaders and former appointees, their family members and business associates have been lined up for intimidation and harassment including collapsing their businesses.

I am not against prosecution of corrupt public officials. I cherish all ingredients of democracy but could not support use of primitive moves aimed at cowing the opposition and thwart the will of the Ghanaian people.

Corruption has eaten the soul of the Akufo Addo government. Ghana has literally been raped to the point of death by Akufo Addo and his appointees. Ghana is still alive because of the tenacity of her citizens. The sad state we find ourselves today should be the worry of the President and his Special Prosecutor. Our beautiful democracy is once again imperiled by the high level of impunity and harassment being exhibited by the President, his party officials and heads of some state agencies who are part of the cabal in his administration.

The ongoing reign of terror, injustice, harassment, torture, attacks against perceived opponents must stop. The President cannot claim ignorance of the rising inferno and impunity in the country. He cannot claim not to know that his agents including the Special Prosecutor are muzzling the opposition through physical and psychological attacks, trumped up criminal charges, kangaroo trials and planned imprisonment of former state officials in order to forcefully silence them. He is the main beneficiary anyway..

For instance, we are aware that the Special Prosecutor is feverishly working on an agenda to harass Honourable Ayariga and some former NDC appointees. Now that the Special Prosecutor’s office has been converted into a gestapo organisation, where lies the safety and protection of innocent citizens. President Akufo Addo and his Npp are killing our democracy in connivance with elements in his administration. The desperation and the penchant to crush perceived political opponents using state agencies including the Special Prosecutor’s office, EOCO etc under the guise of security operatives is a complete negation of accepted democratic principles across the globe. You cannot preach change while practicing evil. The President mouth democracy, but in reality he is an autocrat, tyrant and dictator. He and the cabal in his administration are the true and living disciples of Machiavelli.

Our democracy is being brutally assaulted by Nana Akufo Addo and his disciples, it is heading for the rocks unless men with conscience and patriotic men rise to save her from the iron claws of these buccaneers and ravenous wolfs in sheep clothing.

The President, the Special Prosecutor and the investigative bodies should show sincerity in the so called fight against corruption by not being selective but also prosecute current appointees that have cases pending against them. Why is the President, his Special and the state’s security agencies quiet on

-The Bost Saga 1$2

-The National Lottery Authority scandal

-The Kelni GVG scandal

-The $12 million Oslo deal

-The $2.25 billion bond issue

-The $134 million pharmaceutical company saga

-Ghc 800,000 website installation deal

-The Gifty Klenam magic

-$12 million drones contract

Etc etc etc etc

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