Police: ‘We will treat vigilante groups like terrorists’

Director-General of Operations of the Ghana Police Service, Dr. Benjamin Agordzo, has issued a stern warning to any vigilante group in the country that will defile its orders before, during and after the November 7 polls.

According to him, any vigilante group that will go against their orders would be “treated as terrorists.”

“We will crash them and treat them as terrorists, if they fail to go by our orders and do their own thing,” he warned.

Dr. Agordzo gave the warning at the National Stakeholders’ Forum on Election 2016, organised by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) yesterday in Accra.http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

It was on the theme; “Towards Credible, Acceptable and Violence-Free Elections: The Role of Key Stakeholders.”

According to him, the police administration arrived at that decision after the Talensi by-election.

A research conducted by his outfit, he said, revealed that most of the electoral crimes committed were by these vigilante groups which are sometimes linked to one political party or the other.http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

And it is for this reason that he said has given concern to the police to ensure that all such vigilante groups are disbanded before the November polls, stressing that “their activities are illegal and criminal.”

The police boss hinted that by the end of May 31, 2016 the Police Administration will assign security personnel to the various flag-bearers who will contest the November 7 General Elections.

According to him, the police force wrote to all the political parties, asking them to submit names of their preferred security personnel to guard their flag-bearers, but none has done that.

“Let me take this opportunity once more to assure the good people of Ghana that the Police Administration is fully prepared to ensure violence-free elections come November 7,” he assured.

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