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After the 2016 elections, I have come under serious attacks by some NDC members in Ellembelle constituency of the Western Region.

Am a staunch member of NDC in Ellembelle constituency and a vocal serial caller of NDC but today some of the NDC members see me as an enemy in the NDC party.

On December 8, 2016. I made a unified oral statement on New Day FM,a Radio station in the Jomoro district on the outcome of the general elections. I called on the NPP candidate and congratulated him for his victory though I was not happy my NDC candidate failed. I called on the NPP candidate because I remembered the then Presidential aspirant of his party Mr Alan Kodwo Kyeremanteng once said “After competition, there should be cooperation”. I asked Hon Paul Essein to bury any sort of personal invectives I made against him and some of the people made against him and unite JOMORO devoid of politics.

After the statement, one NDC member who was once a Presiding Member for Ellembelle District, Hon Shaibu Issaka Chie misquoted my statement to the NDC leadership in the constituency.

On Sunday, 29/01/17 in NDC stakeholders meeting held at Hon Armah Kofi Buah mother’s residence in Aiyinasi, Hon Shaibu (PM) said so many false statements against me. Below are some statements Hon Shaibu made against me:

1. Hon Shaibu alleged that on December 8, 2016 I said it on New Day FM that, I  Daniel Kaku alias Filler Ellembelle was paid by high ranking members of NDC to attacked the integrity of the current Member of Parliament of Jomoro constituency, who was the NPP 2016 parliamentary candidate in the constituency, Hon Paul Essien.

2. Hon Shaibu also alleged that whilst some unknown NDC members were pushing for the withdrawal of the appointment of Hon Catherine Afeku as a Tourism minister, I was on radio stations and social media defending Hon Catherine Afeku that she is not a ‘fraudster’.

Hon Shaibu do accuse Hon Armah Buah for making me who I am today.

After the said meeting,Hon Shaibu wrote on a WhatsApp platform named ‘Friends of New Day FM’ that am afraid of Hon Paul Essien that is why I went to New Day FM to apologized to him.

It didn’t end there, The deputy constituency secretary for NDC in Ellembelle called Joseph Agyekum also supported the allegations Hon Shaibu made against me and even went further to insults and attacked me on the WhatsApp platform.Mr Agyekum described me as a ‘stomach politician’

Joseph Agyekum alleged on the WhatsApp platform that I have been bribed by Hon Catherine Afeku and Hon Paul Essien 20 Ghana Cedis and  30 Ghana Cedis respectively, that is why I spoke good words for Hon Paul Essien and Hon Catherine Afeku.

Joseph Agyekum also said am the only person in NDC party who has benefited so much from the party and he described me as a ‘villager’.

Joseph Agyekum and Patrick Ellono of Jomoro NDC also stated emphatically on the Whatsapp platform that, when I was in school at NASS SHS schooling, the NDC party added my name to the Youth Employment payroll of which I was paid every month without working.
I have snapshots to buttress my points but will hold on for some reasons personally known to me but if they push me then……

From the social media attacks, Joseph Agyekum and some NDC members went further to attacked me physically in Aiyinasi market on 1/02/17 and nearly tried to kill me but I was saved by some people around. I reported to Aiyinasi police station and arrest was effected.

After Joseph Agyekum physical assault on me, I do receive insults from NDC members of which Joseph Agyekum, Hon SHAIBU and Patrick Ellonu who is an NDC communication officer in Jomoro constituency have dented my image to all NDC members across the country.

I want to state emphatically without fear or favour that I have not  uttered that misled comment made by Hon SHAIBU during the NDC stakeholders meeting at Aiyinasi on New Day FM. I further dare Hon SHAIBU to produce the original tape within 48 hours for verification and prove.

I also want to tell all Ghanaians especially my friends in the NDC that per the 1992 Constitution, Article 21 (1), (a); which states that “All persons shall have the right to: freedom of speech and expression, which shall include freedom of the press and other media”
I want to state boldly that any Ghanaian being NDC or other political party member(s) who will attack me physically or threatens me with messages, will compel me to seek for police advice and further proceed to the court of our Land.

I pray that all of us will throw our unflinching support to the current administration and  President Nana Addo and also criticise him constructively, so that we can all help Mother Ghana to develop. I also entreat all Ghanaians to change our style of loyalty. We should be more loyal to God and our country Ghana than any other thing.
I strongly believe and admit that “Christ in the vessel, we shall smile at the storm”

God bless our homeland Ghana!

God bless Nzemaland!

God bless Ellembelle!

Thank You.


Filler Ellembelle

NDC Zonal Communication Officer
Asasetre Zone

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