Parliament opens 4th session 2nd meeting on Tuesday

Parliament would re-open on Tuesday May 17th after a brief break. The second meeting of the House which is in its fourth session would undertake a number of activities including the presentation of 29 Bills at the table.

Among the bills the House would be looking at are the Ghana School of Law Bill, 2016, Legal Service Bill, 2016, Road safety Bill, 2016, Tax Administration Bill, Electronic Communication (Amendment) Bill Presidential Transition(Amendment ) Bill, 2016, Prison Service Bill, 2016 and Tertiary Education Research Fund Bill, 2016.

Below is a summary of the agenda for the 2ND meeting of the 4TH session which was signed and issued on Monday by Ms Kate Addo, Deputy Director of Public Affairs at Parliament

The 2nd Meeting of the 4th Session of the 6th Parliament of the 4th Republic will open on Tuesday, 17th May, 2016. During this meeting, a number of activities are scheduled to take place. There are twenty nine (29) Bills which will be at table for presentation; some of these Bills are;

• Ghana School of Law Bill, 2016

• Legal Service Bill, 2016

• Road safety Bill, 2016

• Tax Administration Bill,

• Electronic Communication (Amendment) Bill

• Presidential Transition (Amendment) Bill, 2016

• Prison Service Bill, 2016

• Tertiary Education Research Fund Bill, 2016

• Public Financial Management Bill, 2016 among others.

There are nineteen (19) Bills at Committee which are still being worked on. They include;

• Companies Bill, 2013

• Property Rights of Spouses, 2013

• Whistleblower (Amendment) Bill, 2015

• Narcotics Control Commission Bill, 2015

• Registration of Births and Deaths Bill, 2015

• Witness Protection Bill, 2015

• Sports Bill, 2015

• Revenue Administration Bill,2016

• Local Governance Bill, 2016

• Land use and Spatial Planning Bill, 2016 among others.

Ten (10) Bills are at the Consideration stage. They are;

• Conduct of Public Officers Bill, 2013

• Intestate Succession Bill, 2013

• Right to information Bill, 2013

• Banks and Specialized Deposit-Taking Bill, 2015

• Chieftaincy (Amendment) Bill, 2013

• Plant Breeders Bill, 2013

• Ghana Deposit Protection Bill, 2015

• National Disaster Management Organization Bill, 2015

• The Chartered Institute of Taxation Bill, 2014

• Maritime Pollution Bill, 2015

There are two (2) Bills for Second Reading. They include:

• Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Bill, 2014

• Ghana Aids Commission Bill, 2015

There are fourteen (14) instruments to be presented at this meeting, seven (7) instruments at the Committee Level and thirty one (31) Papers to be presented.
Ten (10) Motions have been tabled for Debate and one hundred and one (101) other referrals of Bills at the Committee.

During this meeting, the Member-elect for Abuakwa North Constituency will be sworn in and subscribe to oaths. Appropriate Bills will be passed.

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