Open letter to Ofusu Ampofo & Julius Debrah

Radio Gold’s contribution to NDC’s victory in 2008 and 2012 remain unparalleled. Indeed Radio Gold’s reputation for producing the best of media practitioners cannot be contested.

Today, Radio Gold is dusted with a vicious political snap, and her workers, with all their commitment, talent and experience are home begging to feed their families – all because they choose to use their energies to defend NDC.

As we speak, we have about two major NDC Radio stations and one TV station in Accra belonging to top NDC members – Ahutor FM, Power FM and TV XYZ.

The two most populous and politically potent current affair programs that ‘speak truth to power’ without fear or favor are Inside Politics and Alhaji and Alhaji – they both originated from Montie FM and Radio Gold.

Can’t TV XYZ do what Pan-African TV is doing? Can’t they run a current affair panel program morning, evening and weekend? Can’t Power FM or Ahutor FM create space for Kokonsa reporting and Good Morning Mr President?

Can’t Pampaso (which is currently online) be moved to Ahutor FM? Why can’t the morning show of Ahutor FM and Power FM absorb the morning show team of Montie and Radio Gold?

Why can’t Ahutor FM and Power FM absorb the sales team, producers and researchers of Radio Gold and Montie FM to enhance their work in pursuit of victory 2020? Can’t a synergy be strategically struck for the good of NDC?

Why can’t NDC communicators abate their visit to Peace FM, Adom FM, Asempa FM, Happy FM etc. and go to Power FM, Ahutor FM and TV XYZ? Why are they sending the traffic to NPP stations while their own struggle for traffic?

If NDC communicators can significantly reduce going to those NPP stations and come to their own, the traffic they’ll bring home would increase your rating, enhance your munificence and increase your advertising revenue – meaning all the additional workers from the collapsed stations can easily be paid through commercials.

For your kind consideration Sirs. I was thinking about Amelewosi Kekeli Obimpeh this afternoon and this idea jumped at me..!

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