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…As Veep, Special Development Initiatives Minister Contradict Each Other

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and the Minister for Special Development Initiatives, Hawa Koomson, are holding on to opposite ends of the “0ne Constituency – $1million” campaign promise by the ruling New Patriotic Party.

While the Vice President has claimed that the money would be allocated to the constituencies by government for the constituencies themselves to invest it the way they deem fit, Hawa Koomson has revealed the Veep’s claim as a charade.

According to Akufo-Addo’s Minister for Special Development Initiatives, the $1million will not be an allocation to the constituencies, but will be part of the sponsorship package for other campaign promises of the government, including the popular ‘One district, one factory!’

The confusion is a feature of developments that point to the fact that the “One constituency – $1million” promise by the NPP government of President Akufo-Addo is a total hoax.

At her ministry’s programme to brief metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives on government’s priority areas on the Infrastructure Poverty Eradication Program (IPEP), Hon. Koomson said the $275 million to be allocated to the 275 constituencies was ready.

However, 70% of the $1million for each of the constituencies will be spent on government’s priority projects, such as the “One district-one factory, one village one dam, warehouses for planting for food and jobs, among others.

In other words, the “One Constituency $1million” is not an allocation that the government will make to the constituencies, separate from the other campaign promises, but that the same money will be used to fund these other promises of the government.

In simple terms, therefore, “One Constituency, $1million” is a pie in the sky!

The shocking revelation comes as the government is also struggling to start free SHS, another grandiloquent campaign promise.

According to Minister Hawa Koomson, only 30% of the $1million will be allocated to the constituencies and even that one will be done under determinations by a 10-member team approved by Cabinet.

As the shocking 360 turn on the campaign promise to provide $1million to every constituency every year – separate from the building of one village one dam, and one district, one factory, among others, happens live, the minister is, in other words, announcing that the $275million supposed to have been budgeted for the constituencies is what is going to fund all of the government’s campaign promises.

Hawa Koomson’s announcement totally contradicts what Vice President Bawumia had weeks ago told the people of Cape Coast.

The Veep had said in the Central Regional capital that all of the $1million was going to be a bona fide allocation to each of the constituencies, and that the constituencies themselves would have the freehand to decide the developmental projects that they would apply the funds to.

The Veep had even urged the constituencies to be alert and spring forth for their share of the money immediately it became available, to forestall, “those big men in Accra ‘chopping’ the money.”

As it turns out, however, the $1million is not going to be allocated to the constituencies after all. It is the same money that will go into funding the government’s grandiloquent promises, including “one district, one factory, one village, one dam, and planting for food and jobs.”

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