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Okyehene Palace to be upgraded to modern standards

Over 500 homes at Kibi around Ofori Panyin Ohenfie (palace of Okyehene), have been earmarked for demolishing to pave way for the expansion work at palace. Owners of buildings and other structures to be affected have been given eviction notice.

According to architects workings on the project, the new palace is being designed in a modern style in keeping with its new use and will be the biggest palace in Ghana.

According to the architects, the entire ground floor of the palace will be used for communication and international cultural interaction. They said they will split ground floor up with different security standards into multiple requirement levels, including political debate, cultural performance, formal functions and changing exhibitions. It will also house the site history museum.

Other facilities going to be constructed to uplift the standard of the palace include

1. Three swimming pools

2.A pharmaceutical shop

3. A police station

4. A mini Hospital

5. A football field / golf course

6.Shopping Mall

7.A cathedral

8.Three modern conference centres

9. Bungalows for palace attendants

10. Special palace for the Queenmother of Kyebi

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