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Madam Samira,

Attempts to defend your husband’s incompetence, lies and uninspiring propaganda have provoked ire not just among your disappointed supporters, but among the general populace especially, those who held your husband in high esteem in opposition. Your husband, his boss, and the whole government machinery, have proved to be incompetent, clueless, and helpless in managing the economy and every aspect of governance. Ghana, under your husband and his boss, is extremely ill. Your husband, who is the doctor treating her is very incompetent. His diagnosis is hopelessly wrong and that should be your headache madam.

Ghana has never seen such an incompetent, useless, clueless and hopeless government. Apart from your economic mismanagement, your government has failed on the issues of social development, security, foreign policy, etc etc. When it comes to the economy, it is your husband’s incompetence and lies, and when it comes to other governance issues the problem is arrogance, greed and selfishness.

It is stubborn and mulish in defending your husband’s government’s catastrophic mistakes like collapsing of businesses, high fuel prices, dancing cedi, unprecedented corruption, nepotism, insecurity, authoritarianism, severe economic hardship.

I was not surprised listening to you anyway. Was not surprised because your husband and his boss for the last three years have been lowering the level of political discourse on a daily basis. They have completely disappointed their supporters and to hide their incompetence, to cover the non- performance of their government, they have embarked on this useless anti Mahama agenda.

Madam, abject poverty, unprecedented corruption, nepotism, cronyism, greed and selfishness have seriously divided the country. Talk to the ordinary Ghanaian in the street and will have a practical feel of anger in the system. They are angry at the government’s bad policies and the hardship they going through and the arrogance of government and at the disastrous way which your husband and his economic mismanagement team have managed the economy. Find out from your husband why he has abruptly ended his propaganda lecture(s) on the economy.

Take this bitter but important message madam, His Excellency John Mahama will forever remain the honest, sincere, visionary, caring politician he is. He will not make fake promises just to win political power, he will not lie about the economy and will not make false allegations against his political opponents just to incite the public against them. Ghanaians are yearning for his focused and all embracing leadership which brought massive development across all sectors. He will not appoint his in-laws as ambassadors, will not appoint siblings of his wife into his administration and will not render his Vice useless. Mahama is coming to continue from where he left, develop the economy, run effective security system, embark on massive infrastructure development, prudent investment, eliminate nepotism and your useless double track system, improve condition of workers, allow state institutions to work without executive intimidation and manipulation, protect journalists and civil society organizations and ensure accountability.Competence in governance is not about excellent make ups, wearing of sweet perfumes and expensive clothes madam. Governance is not about churning out sophisticated lies and fake figures. If we reduce it to that level, then your husband will surely emerge one of the great leaders of our time. Governance is a serious business which demands the character traits and leadership skills John Mahama exhibited his four years.

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