NPP’s Budget is “paint ma me nto” budget-Brogya Genfi

Former NDC parliamentary candidate for Suame; Yaw Brogya Genfi has taken another swipe at the NPP’s budget, this time, calling it “paint ma me nto” budget (paint it and sell to me); a term which connotes deception.

“Paint ma me nto” is a deceptive instance where someone tries to sell you an old and dysfunctional product which has been painted to look new.

Brogya Genfi was speaking on a myriad of topics on UTV Tuesday morning.

He accused the NPP government of not being clear on some of their policies including the free SHS policy as well as the one district, one factory policy.

Stressing further on the free SHS policy, the Ashanti regional youth organiser of the NDC said the government should not deceive the citizenry but should come out and retract it if they are not capable of fulfilling that policy.

“No part of their budget showed that they are going to expand existing schools. They have also not indicated any commitment to continue John Mahama’s day schools”.

He wondered how prepared they are to fulfill their gargantuan promise on free SHS when senior High Schools were announcing admission cuts by approximately half.

“My nephew who is in SHS 2nd year voted for the NPP despite my best advice due to his high expectations regarding free SHS, now he’s being told he will not benefit because he is a continuing student. He is extremely disappointed”.

“Now they are asking that alumni and other stakeholders fund their free SHS by paying money into a fund. This their budget is “paint ma mento” budget where they give you one thing with one hand and take it back with the other”, he said.


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