NPP Is A Tribal Party Bent On Prosecuting Ewes – Dzifa Attivor

Former Transport minister Dzifa Attivor says the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is a tribal party bent on prosecuting only Ewes if it wins the general elections in November.

Referring to the record of the NPP government between 2001 to 2008, Dzifa Attivor argued the NPP targeted only members of her ethnic group for prosecution.

When the NPP won power in 2001, most ministers who are Ewes were imprisoned, including Serlomey and Abodakpi and a host of other ministers. Does that mean that no individual from any other tribe has faulted in the discharge of their duties? she said in her native language.

Victor Selormey who was a former Deputy Minister of Finance under the Rawlings regime was jailed 13 days to Christmas in 2001.

A Fast Track High Court in Accra sentenced him to a total of eight years’ imprisonment after he was convicted on all six counts of defrauding by false pretence, conspiracy and causing financial loss to the state.

He received presidential pardon three years into his prison term and died on 18 April 2005.

A former Minister of Trade and Industry Dan Abodakpi was also jailed 10 years in August 2007 by the same court. He was sentenced on three counts of conspiracy, two counts of defrauding and two counts of willfully causing financial loss of $400,000 to the State.

The fraud was committed when Abodakpi and the late Victor Selormey co-chaired a Trade and Investment Programme.

Dzifa Attivor who resigned her ministerial position last year following the controversial bus branding saga was armed with this history when she mounted the campaign platform during the launch of a group called ‘Ketu South For Fifi And Mahama’ at Wodoaba in the Ketu South district of the Volta region.

She reminded the grassroots that the fate that befell some NDC top guns from the regions still holds true for any Ewe in the current government.

The former minister explained that all that stands between her and prison time is the Volta regional vote.

I want to remind you that it is your vote that will decide if Fifi Kwetey and I will be prosecuted and put behind bars or not, she rallied.

She expressed comfort and confidence in the fact that the Volta region remains the stronghold of the ruling government.

We the people of the Volta region will forever remain loyal to the NDC, Dzifa Attivor said.

She asked the NDC grassroots to encourage their relatives living in border towns like Togo to come back home and register during the limited registration exercise which begins 28th April 2016.


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