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NPP PC hasn’t donated furniture to education directorate – Talensi NDC

NPP PC hasn’t donated furniture to education directorate – Talensi NDC
The National Democratic Congress has refuted claims by A1 Radio, a local FM station in the Upper-East Region that New Patriotic Party parliamentary candidate Thomas Duanaab has donated furniture to the Talensi District Education directorate.
In a statement issued by the Constituency executive in Talensi, they noted that it is an attempt by the Radio station to put the NPP in a bright light.
Read full statement below;

Sunday, May 31, 2020.
Immediate Release.
[Party Office, Talensi Constituency]
The attention of the NDC in Talensi has been drawn to a publication on a1radioonline.com as a primary source and other outlets on the above subject matter. This publication has been making rounds on various traditional and and social media platforms. After critically perusing the publication, it appears that A1 Radio in Bolgatanga seems to have an agenda against the NDC in Talensi and most constituencies in the Upper East Region. The heading of the publication is consummately misleading and geared towards projecting the NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Thomas Duanaab for no job done. This bizarre remark and claim made by A1 Radio should be treated with the contempt it deserves.
The NDC in Talensi would like to set the records straight. The facts are;1. The furniture was not donated by the NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Thomas Duanaab but rather from tax payers money through Northern Development Authority previously known as SADA. It is important to state categorically that this is the Authority where over 500 Motor Tricycles and 700 motorbikes procured by the erstwhile NDC government under John Dramani Mahama suddenly developed wings and flew out of its jurisdiction and till date the NPP government is mute on the stinking scandal and the perpetrators have not been brought to book.2. The Parliamentary Candidate did not lobby through anyone or institution to get the 452 dual desks.3. A1 Radio, the DCE of Talensi, Hon. Christopher Boatbil and the NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Mr. Thomas Duanaab must recognise that the Northern Development Authority is a statutory body set up under an Act of Parliament, Act 963 with specified objectives. 4. The Authority is a State owned and can never be an appendage of the New Patriotic Party, NPP. Therefore it is not subject to operate within the vagaries of the failed Nana Addo led NPP government. 5. The needs assessment of these projects was done by NDA over one year before the conduct of the NPP Parliamentary Primaries in orphan constituencies; hence the claim of lobbying for the furniture is wobbling and it will only take NPP members to believe in this well rehearsed cock and bull story. 6. A1 Radio appears to have stolen the NDA project to project the NPP Parliamentary Candidate. Isn’t it ridiculous?
The following questions are begging for answers from A1 Radio and the NPP in Talensi:a. What is the meaning of donation?b. How could one donate a project paid by the tax payer in his name?c. What locus does the NPP Parliamentary Candidate have at NDA or in Talensi District to warrant him donate state resources? d. Is the NDA a private company set up by A1 Radio and the NPP?
A man who has no drum beats the chest. President Nana Addo and the NPP Parliamentary Candidate have nothing to show in Talensi if not excruciating economic hardships and insecurity. Hon. B.T. Baba needs not to steal projects to retain the seat in favour of the NDC. His good works are visible for the constituents to reward him with a landslide victory. A good wine does not need any advertisement. Talensis will not vote on deception but rather results.
In fact, the NDC is a social democratic party that believes in the media and would continuously advocate for press freedom. The NDC is of a strong view that the media constitutes the fourth arm of government that plays a critical role in educating, informing, entertaining and exposing the rot in our society. We however, take very strong exception to consummate fabrication and concoction of stories targeted at projecting NPP government and it Parliamentary Candidates unduly. This act of NPP giving NDA Projects to their Parliamentary Candidates should have been a serious investigation for A1 Radio conduct to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the claims of the Parliamentary Candidate. Sincerely, the NDC would not countenance any Journalist or group of Journalists who throw their integrity, credibility and professionalism to the dogs. If you are reporting, report well. If you are writing, please write well with no ill motive.
This is an election year and Ghanaians do not need spurious and injurious reportage of this nature that has the tendency of tricking them. Provide accurate information. Say it right.
…………..Signed……………Zinekena Solomon 😭.B.,T

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