NPP importing arms and ammunition – NDC Chairman

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been challenged to defend themselves on allegations that they are importing arms and ammunition to create chaos and violence should they lose the elections.

Mr. William Adamudzi, Nsawam Adoagyiri constituency Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), is alleging that the elephant party is currently importing guns and other offensive weapons into the country with the aim of leading an uprising after they are defeated in the general elections.

Speaking in an interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, Mr. Adamudzi said he is ready to face off with the NPP and has dared the party to deny or confirm the allegation.

According to him, he will strip the party naked if they should deny the claims.

He warned the NPP not to do anything funny since they are under surveillance and will be jailed should they violate our laws.

“The NPP should send me anywhere they want to. I will prove to them that they are importing arms and ammunition to destabilise the country because they are well aware that they will lose the elections.”

He told the host that his allegation is true and will not hesitate to repeat it when he gets the chance.

According to him, the plot by the NPP to destabilise the nation will not see the light of day and has cautioned them to be careful.

When asked if he was not just making an unfounded allegation, he answered saying, “this not an allegation. Their own party chairman, Mr. Paul Afoko confirmed it. His interview with the African Watch Magazine confirms my assertion. Have you not read the magazine? Were you not in Ghana when he [Paul Afoko] accused the party of importing Serbians to train their supporters?” he asked the host.

Mr. William Adamudzi described the NPP as ‘sick people who are only campaigning on radio with the hope of winning the elections instead of going round to engage the electorate.

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