A senior member of the opposition New Patriotic Party has inadvertently revealed the party is banking hope on corruption and other scandals involving officials of the John Mahama government and leaders of the National Democratic Congress to unseat the governing party in the impending November polls.

Having been deprived of what the NPP veteran MP described as “vote grabbing” campaign message to boost Nana Akufo-Addo’s third and possibly last attempt at the presidency, the opposition party is hoping to repackage scandals involving officials of government and the ruling party to bait Ghanaians into giving them another opportunity to come to government.
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The NPP official, who is also a loud mouth Member of Parliament and a close confidant of the 2016 NPP flag bearer, The aL-hAJJ has gathered, has been fuming the Mahama-led NDC government has not only denied them campaign message with the ‘stealing’ of their free SHS concept, but also, the massive infrastructural developments the NDC government has embarked on .

He was reported to have recently stated at a crunch meeting attended by leading members of the NPP including, the flag bearer, that it is becoming difficult nowadays to engage officials of the NDC in debate on infrastructural development and comparing the eight years of the NPP and the present government.
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“The campaign we started that the NDC has inflated the cost of projects is not resonating
-To Nail NDC In Nov.th people…the people don’t care the amount of money government spends on a project; all they are interested in is the completion of the project. What does the cost of a 6-unit classroom block mean to someone in my village who needs a school for his daughter to attend,” he was reported to have retorted.
To counter the Mahama government on its infrastructure crusade which they (NPP officials) admitted is signaling a secured second term bid for the Bole-born communication-expert-turned president, the NPP bigwig said the party will very soon step-up it corruption crusade against government.
According to the NPP braggart, the party will soon launch scathing attacks on the Mahama administration and tell Ghanaians the scandals involving government officials, the inflating of contract sums and maladministration to ensure the biggest opposition party dislodges the NDC come November.ghanapoliticsonline.com

“Like I said earlier, these figures don’t mean anything to the ordinary Ghanaians so what we have to do is to package anything and everything to nail this people in order to convince the people to vote this corrupt regime out,” he was alleged to have stated.
Party sources say, the NPP gurus admonished his colleagues that “until we do this, we should forget about winning the 2016 elections.”


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