NPP Demonstration Was Totally Needless And Shameful -Michael Kwaku Ola

We watched and followed the absolutely needless demonstration in Kumasi, organised by the NPP and its affiliates last Wednesday, and we can confidently say the NPP is gradually loosing their grip in ashanti region. Funny though, was the fact that after the loud noises they made about the demonstration, one would have expected the turn out to be a mammoth in description but all we had was a few hundreds. Knowing the Ashanti region and NPP history of demonstrations in Ashanti region, we can boldly say this was the worse demonstration ever organised by the party.


This comes as no surprise for a party so divided and lucking faith in the leadership.


The reason for the demonstration is what makes the NPP seem more desperate and confused as a party. This same NPP who was against validation and auditing of the voters registration is now putting pressure on the EC to announce date and begin the process? Absolute luck of integrity on their part. One is tempted to believe that the NPP and their affiliated groups, stood for their principles and what they believed in but the NPP of late, seem very disorganised in thoughts and reasoning.


It is however not surprising that the NPP find themselves in this abyss, because when the center cannot hold, things surely fall apart. If you have a party with no chairman, and general secretary, you shouldn’t be surprised when they act confused. Paying people to rent “paaa ooo paaa” carriers to follow you on a needless demonstration could be best describe needless as the demonstration itself. It came as no surprise that the Kumasi people this time around refused to follow the demonstrators and left the NPP to transport people from near and far to help their numbers. This also is surprising especially in the Ashanti region where the NPP has as their strong hold. Well, they are gradually loosing this hold thanks to the good work of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama in the Ashanti region.


One would have thought by now, the Nana’s People’s Party, would have being trumpeting their campaign messages but overtly lucking any credible message, have set their eyes on the EC as an excuse clutch. They are gradually setting an agenda of mistrust for any government institution: EC, BNI, Ghana Police etc. A mistrust they first had amongst themselves thereby unlawfully suspending the Party’s chairman and secretaries.


This is the party going about saying the country’s economy is so bad that everybody is hungry, yet have enough money to buy aluminium bowls, hundreds of them, for a rented crowd to carry, to depict them as “paa ooo paa” as they called in Kumasi or head porters.


The real head porters in Kumasi are seeing the beautiful edifice at Kejetia, which will be the first of its kind in West Africa. They know which leader has their plight at heart and will vote massively for President Mahama. When most of them pass through Asawasi, Atonsu, Krofrom, etc they see the construction of the markets at these places and they understand the economic implication that opening of those markets will bring them and so will not be deceived by the NPP’s camlaign of frustration.


We off the Ashanti Faithfuls For Mahama wish to alert the NPP that what their disappointed members need demonstrated, is a unifying leadership from Nana Addo and not tribalistic-juxtaposed divide and rule, as their party members at ablekuma are accusing Hon Usula Owusu and Nana Addo of. The NPP under the leadership of Nana Addo is more divided than has ever being and now their own party members are accusing him of pushing a tribalistic agenda in the party to get more of his tribesmen in leadership positions. That is how bad the NPP under Nana Addo is being turned into.


AFFMA wishes to implore on all well meaning Ghanaians, the clergy, peace council, Moslem leaders etc to begin to bring the NPP and their sidekick groups to order before another group is born to do this. Their incessant attacks of the EC and Madam Charlotte Osei is absolutely unacceptable and we cannot all sit and look on unconcerned. Our guess is that their agenda is to make the EC and Madam Charllote Osei not trustworthy. In so doing when they loose the general elections, which they know they will, they will have the impetus to suggest they have been robbed again.


We as Ghanaians, too, will not be this quite about their utterances and baseless affronts for long. If nothing is done to stop them; their incesaant accusations, pressures and insults on the EC and EC boss, no one should blame any group that meet the NPP with equal portions and modus.


Ghana will not die! Ghana shall go through the November elections and President Mahama, the John 3rd for 2016 (John 3:16) shall maintain the seat and transform our dear nation for us. Every president since 1992 was given two terms and we believe the well meaning Ghanaians, will do same for President Mahama this year. JM toaso!


Long live AFFMA, & NAFFOMA

Long Live President Mahama

God bless our homeland Ghana




Michael Kwaku Ola

Director of communications





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