NPP “Cannot Do Foko” If They Lose 2016 Elections -Kofi Adams

National Organizer for the ruling NDC Kofi Adams, has assured Ghanaians that security agencies in the country are on high alert and ready to deal with anyone who misbehaves before And after this year’s elections.

Speaking on Radio Gold this morning, on the issue of a statement made by the Acting chairman of the NPP Freddie Blay that “The NPP cannot guarantee peace If We lose Election 2016 “, Kofi Adams said that the NPP can’t do anything “They cannot do foko” if they lose the 2016 elections.

According to the National Organizer, the NDC does not have any intention whatsoever to rig the elections but rather the NPP is the once scheming to do so.

” What we in NDC do is always talk to people to canvass for vote rather than plan to rig the election. It’s the NPP who have design programs for stealing elections” he said

The people of this country have said that they want a party that’s progressive and have the young at heart and also do what’s right. http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

As many Ghanaians especially the youth of today would also want to grow as old as Mr Akufo Addo and Freddie Blay the NPP must therefore not cause any chaos in this country just for their parochial desire for power he said.

He ended by saying that, he wants to assure Ghanaians that security agencies in Ghana are more than alert and ever ready to deal with anyone who is scheming to cause chaos and mayhem in this country and for this reason every Ghanaian should go about their business as there is nothing to worry about in terms of the security of the nation.


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