We Are Not Ready For A Northern President-NPP

Chairman of ‘Nassara Club’, a religious sect within the NPP has said that his party is not ready make an indigene from the Northern parts of the country as a President.

He was commenting on OK FM in response to a comment made by President John Mahama that former Vice President Aliu Mahama was sidestepped when President Kufuor completed his mandatory term of office.

According to the Nassara Coordinator, a power sharing tradition was established in the NPP since 1979 where the President comes from the South and the Vice from the North.

He said the NPP is a democratic party and the choice of the delegates would always be respected. He said the late Vice President Aliu Mahama was given a chance but was defeated at the congress.

The choice of NPP delegates has always favoured a southern President and that is why the Vice Presidential position is given to the North.

President Mahama said in his campaign in Lawra, that NDC was the only true national party that opens its opportunities to all without reference to ethnic or religious affiliations. He said if it were not so, there was no way a “savannah boy” like him could have ascended to the office of President.

The President also asserted that the rules of natural succession should have seen former Vice President Aliu Mahama take over the leadership of the party after President Kufuor completed his mandatory two term as President.

President Mahama added that the National Executive Committee passed a resolution supporting his candidature, making him the sole candidate at the Kumasi Congress in 2012. He went on to win the national election in Dec of that year.

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