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It’s Politically Incorrect To Condemn Bukom Banku -Topy

The NDC is not a Religious organisation. For Christ sake, it is a political party with different people, with different believes and with different way of living and so, the NDC should allow Bukom Banku to operate freely without any attack, condemnation or whatsoever.

Any political party is an open organization that accommodates all kinds of people irrespective of their way of living unless their actions goes against the constitution of Ghana. As far as I am concern, Bukom Banku has done nothing wrong. He deserves to be given his due respect and the room to operate.

Politics is about numbers, I don’t think the NDC or any political party will refuse a support from the Prostitutes Association of Ghana (PAG) if there is any, because they can add up to give any political party the 50%+1vote to lead Ghana.

As far as I am concern, Bukom Banku is an International Boxer, a Musician, a Comedian and guy with a lot of influence In Bukom and beyond. No one should underrate his strength at all. He is a force to reckon with as far as Ghetto youth are concern.

Artistically, I don’t see anything wrong with his dressing or his choice of words unless he uses vulgar words. And even with that one, we have Members of Parliament who talk trash or use vulgar words than Bukom Banku and Ayitey Powers, yet they are still sitting in parliament enjoying their Exgracia.

After all, Bukom Banku is not a National, Regional, constituency, branch or ward executive member of the NDC. He is his own private person doing his own things whether with NDC or without NDC so what is your beef. He has only chosen the NDC and decided to rally his support behind His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, that’s all.

Let Bukom Banku Operate in his comfort zone.

Thank you. Bukom you have our support . Keep it up as long as you are not flouting the rules of the land.

Stephen Kenneth Nakujah
(Founding Member, TOPY)

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