NDC’s approach in the media landscape is very shameful – Bobie Ansah

Former multi-media presenter and political talkshow host Nana Kwabena Bobie-Ansah has criticised the communication team of the National Democratic Congress not living up to expectation.

In a Facebook post, captured by Ghanapoliticsonline.com, he bemoaned the manner in which the New Patriotic Party is having a field day with the ruling of the supreme court on the Gitmo two detainees.

He likened the situation to the terrorists who were brought from South-African and Serbian to Ghana by the New Patriotic Party to train millitants before the 2016 general elections and insinuated that it was more dangerous that housing alleged terrorists who have not been proven guilty.

He advised NDC communicators not to feel intimidated by other political commentators and deal with the issues to the benefit of Ghanaians.

Below is his Facebook post

I sometimes wonder how ppl can be soo foolishly ignorant on issues and yet won’t shut up. I think the NDC communications team should up their game to stop this diluted information being thrown out there by the junky media outlets.

It will take only a blockhead to think the ruling on the Gitmo 2 is an embarrassment to the previous government, but doesn’t think same about a political party leadership who brought terrorist from Serbia and S.A to come and train militants to assault pillars of power.

It will only take a junky media house and political fanatics to think an alleged terrorist who was not found guilty of any crime and seek to integrate such fellow into society has no right to marry, but doesn’t think same for a political party braggarts who can go on rampage and attack a competent sitting court and yet walking freely and sleeping with their prostitutes.

But do you blame them? I think ndc leadership and it’s communicators are intimidated by these guys to the extent that they even dare not criticise them.

NDC’s inferior complexity approach in the media landscape is very shameful. My thoughts.

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