NANA & NPP PREPARES FOR WAR “Anticipation of Poor Showing in Nov Polls “

While the governing National Democratic Congress and other political parties are fervently gearing up for the November elections, functionaries of the opposition New Patriotic Party are busily preparing and psyching their supporters on how to set the country ablaze if they are rejected for the third consecutive time.

Nana Akufo-Addo and his lackeys sensing another excruciating defeat in the upcoming November elections have resorted to the beatings of war drums, preparing the minds of their supporters to arm them to resist what they say are “plots by Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Madam Charlotte Osei to rig the impending election for sitting President John Mahama.”

Dropping a hint, after NPP acting National Chairman’s roundly condemned destabilizing statement, that leaders of the biggest opposition cannot guarantee what will happen if the NPP loses the November elections another “militant” member of the opposition party, Hopeson Yaovi Adorye on Tuesday stated on UTV that the party and its 2016 flag bearer have resolved not to waste their time complaining about any supposed unfair treatment in the upcoming elections. http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

According to the failed National Organizer aspirant, the NPP boycotted the forum organized last Tuesday by the EC to launch its 5year strategic plan because the party was “busily in the field planning on what to do to prevent what he called rigging”. According to Ardoye, “they are no more going to rely on petition or filling of challenge forms to prevent “unqualified” persons from registering during today’s limited registration exercise”.http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

Few weeks after the security services scuttle covert moves by the NPP to use foreign “mercenaries” in the training of the party’s security in weapon handling, the NPP’s acting Chairman, Freddie Blay has openly threatened that the party will cause mayhem if it loses this year’s election.

Mr Freddy Blay, who has been accusing the EC and the ruling NDC of planning to rig the impending elections told Ultimate FM that “I cannot guarantee what will happen, the party cannot guarantee, we the executives, we who are at the top, the Presidential candidate cannot guarantee, if the ordinary people get angry, God forbid if they decide that they won’t agree to what is happening, and some people take the law into their own hands, what can we do?… Don’t rule out things could generate into something that we all don’t want,”

But the ruling National Democratic Congress say the NPP can’t do anything; “They cannot do foko,” if they lose the 2016 elections.

According to the National Organizer of the party, Kofi Adams, who spoke to GhanaPoliticsOnline.Com ruling party does not have any intention whatsoever to rig the elections but rather it is the NPP that is scheming to do so.

Mr. Kofi Adams further assured Ghanaians that security agencies in the country are on high alert and ready to deal with anyone who misbehaves before, during and after this year’s elections.

“What we in NDC do is always talk to people to canvass for their votes rather than plan to rig the election… the people of this country have said that they want a party that’s progressive and have the young at heart and also, do what’s right”, he stated.

However, Mr. Blay won’t budge, he continues in his accusation of the government using state institutions to the detriment of Ghanaians.

“We are relying on the Supreme Court to play its role…other than that it will not augur well for all of us if people refuse to accept the results of an election; it has happened in several places in Africa and elsewhere,” he cautioned.

According to the NPP acting chairman, they had been urged by a section of Ghanaians not to allow the EC and government to short-change them this time round.

‘People are urging us not to allow the EC and the government to cheat us, don’t allow the EC to be manipulated by coming out with results that are not our verdict, so we are working hard at it,’ he said

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