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I just read an address delivered by Nana Akuffo Addo and it just reminded me of the Petition Trial,the distortions and nativity we witnessed throughout the trial,the torments Bawumia invited on his head,and unethical dispositions displayed by some executives of the Akuffo Addo Npp.Nana deepen the dark colours around his personality whenever he ventures the economic stables with his 19th century old economic orthodoxies.

The Npp leader must know his personality and his inner traits are sharply different from Quatarra and Buhari and can best do a scientific assessment of that using how he has handled his party as compared to how these two leaders handled internal matters in their parties before taking over the administration of their respective countries.They did not establish themselves by intimidation and force,and did not barricade themselves with their henchmen neither did they create secret police to intimidate people with dissenting views or,abandoned pretence of consulting the wishes of their party members.Quatarra and Buhari are men who have had leadership experience through the various offices they occupied previously,Buhari as a former head of state,and Quatarra,and former Prime Minister.So,Nana it is not about how many years older than you,but the experience acquired and the kind of leadership qualities they’ve exhibited over the years.
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He mentioned unemployment rate in Ghana.Ghana’s unemployment rate as captured in our books decreased to around 5.20% in 2013 from 5.96 in 2010.Unemployment rate in Ghana averaged 8.82% from 2001 until 2013,reaching an all time high of 12.90% in 2005 under his Npp administration and a record low of 5.20% in 2013 under Mahama.That is the fact captured in our books.When his government took over in 2001,people were made to queue in the sun to be registered for jobs only for the administration to come out with new policies sharply different from what they promised their teeming supporters,when the youth started serious agitation, their answer via the information Minister then,was that they must start consuming konkonte.The truth is that, the unemployed have always,or for a long time at least, been with us the wish of all regimes is unemployment should be eliminated,not made tolerable and that is a general consideration in the Government’s whole policy,and captured in its decisions on free trade or protection,on taxation,on Youth policies etc.Besides that central pervading consideration any specific direct measures for reducing unemployment may seem minor but they are listed.

He mentioned the economy creating the impression that Ghana has failed in its economic drive compared to Ivory Coast and probably,Nigeria.That is palpable lies Firstly,he must know you now that the economic base of the country has increased,our GDP hovers around 40 billion USD with an improved GDP per capita.The GDP of Ivory Coast is around 32.06 billion USD with a gross national income of around 62.75billion PPP dollars.Another interesting point worth noting is the fact that as at 2013 Ghana had 12.3% Internet users among the population a figure which has almost doubled in 2016 and as at the same time Ivory Coast had on 2.6% of its population using Internet and current figures shows slight improvement to about 4.7%.

On electricity supply,Ghana is ranked second to South Africa with about 80% of the country connected to the national grid apart from supply of power through other generation systems.I think he must travel to the northern part of Ivory Coast to understand the situation pertaining in that enclave.About 80% of the area is without electricity and students in the northern part of Ivory Coast use light at big supermarkets and other social joints to study just like the situation in Guinea where students mass up at their airport to study using light at the place.

One other point he must know as a former foreign minister is that,planning and maintenance of Ivory Coast’s economy is linked to France and has always been as extensive as the preindependence ties.As we speak,increased borrowing has covered much of its investment spending, which has included a costly rehabilitation of the power sector.It has issued two Eurobonds in 2014 and 2015 for a total of $1.75 billion.So I ask,what is the sharp difference between what we doing here and what pertains in Ivory Coast after all the Government there just like Mahama is doing in Ghana,has embarked on massive infrastructure investment in line with the world bank’s recommendation at the Maputo conference.

On rent and electricity tarrif,I will only describe Nana’s submission as one of the normal old-age projections because,and cannot fathom why that unscientific analysis and I don’t know if persons around do ample survey work to know the reality on the ground.But the fact is,the President during his maiden intereaction with the press,mentioned the problem

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