Inside Ghana has noted with deep regret the utter disregard by the NPP to credit the Ghanaian voter with any scintilla of respect with their newly adopted brutish no message campaign strategy on social media and all over our media eco-space.

Hon Akufo Addo and his NPP campaign team having failed in their attempts to denigrate and bastardise the Electoral Commission and its Chairperson as well as other state institutions through their campaign of vicious lies and vile propaganda have now resorted to abusing the fundamental democratic process in two forms.
(1) Villainous incessant attacks on H.E the First lady, Lordina Mahama to discredit her praiseworthy humanity work which should be highly commended by all
(2) Adopted a very deceitful campaign poster using pictures of Hon Akufo Addo dating back to over 10 years

Inside Ghana finds the above strategies very reprehensible which ought to be condemned by all. The NPP’s recent public attacks on the person and character of H.E Dr. Lordina Mahama is extremely despicable and condemnable. In as much as Inside Ghana believes in accountability, questioning source of funding for her humanitarian agenda with insults and invectives directed at her person and accusations of corruption which cannot be substantiated is not just a blow well below the belt but a defeatist and repugnant approach which should not be given the needed oxygen.

While questioning the First Lady, who has over time always stated publicly where she gets funds for her God-calling humanitarian and philanthropic work, the NPP has failed to tell Ghanaians where and how Mrs. Rebecca Akufo Addo funds her koko and koose distribution. Such nauseating hypocrisy needs to be eschewed from our body politic.

This recklessness opens up the Pandora box for personal attacks denying voters the opportunity to decide or choose candidates on the strength of issues and superior academic and problem solving arguments which affect their socio-economic wellbeing.

Secondly, we have noted with utter shock that all NPP campaign posters flying all over social media and on billboards have been designed using pictures of Hon Akufo Addo dating as far as over 10 years. We find this abuse of the democratic process very worrying which denies the voting populace from truly appreciating and acknowledging the physical stature of the NPP standard bearer.

By this deceitful campaign strategy, the NPP is deliberately feeding the unsuspecting public with dishonesty and insincerity. This we find to be a travesty of our burgeoning democracy. The sharp contrast in watching Akufo Addo on our television sets and that of his campaign posters is too deceitful to ignore and we therefore urge the campaign team to be true and honest with electorates.

We are therefore by this press release calling on Hon Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, his campaign team and the NPP party in general to immediately halt this grisly and dastardly campaign strategy and provide Ghanaians with a response to the John Dramani Mahama’s led government Green Book, and alternative to the NDC’s Transforming Ghana, Changing lives campaign agenda.

Long live Ghana.

Thank you.


Spencer Quaye

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