Nana Addo the Fulani of NPP

Have you ever pondered over the pattern of acrimony within the rank and file of the NPP? The Invisible hands that writes over the walls of peace must be one that is so influential in order to influence the territorial angels of peace in Agogo.

I have always advocated that Nana Addo, the tribal bigot be kept under national security watch for the very arrogant posture he poses, even in his communication with the very people he professes to love, the NPP. As an akyem and from the Eastern region, it is expected of him to caution his prodigal son, the NPP member of Parliament to desist from the PATAPAA advocacy and look for a more sensible and politically appreciative way of dealing with the Fulani Palaver.

Is it not the elephant that has turned her home to a battle field? One cannot but pray for the presence of tranquility there.

Is it not the chief-fulani, Nana Addo who called for national blooded-ness? Or have you forgotten how Kwabena Agyapong, the deposed General Secretary referred to the Volta Region as a desert filled with animals? Do you not remember the kill Ga’s and Ewe’s by Kennedy Agyapong? Nana Addo the Fulani of NPP.

What has happened to the gold galamsey pit at the back of Nana’s residence? What happened to the assault of President J.A Kufour, the pride of Ashanti Region when the cabal from the Nima Flagstaff House under the instruction of the commander-in-chief of thuggish-life led by the general of disrespect, Anthony Karbo? What happened to the Kumipreko death? What happened to Kwabena Agyapong before he went to Tamale? Nana Addo the Fulani of NPP.

The Agogo menace is a Nana Addo menace after all they say, Charity begins at home. The way innocent people were killed, the style in which they were raped and murdered can on be that of an invisible hand. Nana Addo the Fulani of NPP.

Beware of the fulani who would hunt you and slaughter you skin alive. beware of the fulani who would rape your children. Beware of the fulani who dont mind sacrificing your life for his political sustainability. Beware of the ever violent and acidic leader.

Edem Koku Edem
Youth Organizer
NDC-Asunafo North.

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