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Nana Addo is now called ‘Kwaku Burger’- Baba Jamal

former Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Baba Jamal, has revealed that the new name of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is ‘Kwaku Burger’ following his extensive travels outside the country.

He disclosed that the president was voted for to rule the country but within six months in power, he has resorted to extensive travels earning him his new name which they will soon gazette.

“Don’t you know he is now called Kwaku Burger? He is always traveling when he is supposed to stay in the country and ensure that the right things are done but he prefers to be globetrotting. Today he is in America, tomorrow in Germany and another day in Ivory Coast. He should learn to stay in the country because that will help address some of the problems that are happening”, he disclosed on Adom TV on Thursday.

Baba Jamal insists that if former President John Dramani Mahama could be called “Kofi Dubai” just because he tripped once to the United Arab Emirates with his family for holidays then he is justified to refer to the current president as “Kwaku Burger”

In 2014, the former president spent the holidays in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, with his family, earning him the sobriquet Kofi Dubai..

“I insist he must come home and rule the country and stop roaming about because we did not vote for ‘Kwaku Burger’ to be traveling everywhere because his mandate is to rule the country”, the former Deputy Minister added.

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