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Nana Addo Is More Desperate For Power -#iChooseJM

Organizers of #iChooseJM have released a counter statement in rebuttal to a statement released by the youth wing of the leading opposition party NPP slamming the National Democratic Congress over an act they describes as “clandestine” tactics to deceive the Ghanaian electorate ahead of the November elections.

In the counter statement, copied to GhanaPoliticsOnline.Com, Organizers of the #iChooseJM train revealed that they have taken notice of a Press Statement issued by the NPP Youth wing and signed by their National Youth Organizer Mr. Sammy Awuku, in which he described the campaign strategies adopted by #iChooseJM Campaign Train, as crude and also an indication of how desperate President Mahama is.

Below is the full statement

13TH MAY, 2016


We have taken notice of the Press Statement issued by the NPP Youth Wing and signed by their National Youth Organiser, Mr. Sammy Awuku, in which He described the Campaign strategies adopted by #iChooseJM Campaign Train, as crude and an indication of a desperate President John Mahama.

We as Organisers of the #iChooseJM Campaign Train wish to set for the records that our modus operandi are perfectly legal, universally accepted and innovative beyond the estimation of the Youth Wing of NPP.

#iChooseJM has used public declaration of support for President John Mahama by organising rallies, producing vox pops, social media mobilisation, the distribution of flyers, stickers and other info materials and the branding of products, as our modus operandi in this Campaign.

We therefore find it strange that Mr. Sammy Awuku will attack just one method of our strategies and describe that as a sign of desperation.

The pasting of #iChooseJM stickers on cars, during the VGMA Awards is a purely legal, innovative and universally accepted marketing strategy known as COLD CANVASSING or COLD CALLING.

We will therefore urge Mr. Sammy Awuku to spend some time to learn about modern marketing strategies so as to improve the fortunes of His Presidential Candidate who has been rejected thrice by Ghanaians.

It is well known by every Ghanaian that it is the NPP Presidential Candidate who has been telling lies so as to demonize President John Mahama and thereby increase his acceptability and electoral fortunes.

*Nana Akufo-Addo lied about the cost of printing Presidential diaries, because He is desperate to be President.

*Nana Akufo-Addo lied about the cost of Kasoa Interchange Project because He is desperate to be President.

*Nana Akufo-Addo lied about the length of road network constructed by the NPP government, because He is desperate.

With these and many of such lies, we come to the conclusion that it is Nana Akufo-Addo who is more desperate to sit on the seat currently occupied by His Excellency President John Mahama.

Hon Nana Akufo-Addo is desperate to join President John Mahama in the league of Presidents.

It is such levels of desperation that has forced the NPP Flagbearer to be sending bulk text messages to students with reckless abandon in which he sometimes demands 1 Ghana Cedi donations for his beleaguered campaign.

Nana Akufo-Addo is afraid of becoming the “Mugabe of Opposition Leaders”, hence his desperation.

We hope Mr. Sammy Awuku will take vital lessons from this statement.
#iChooseJM has been on the streets canvassing for votes, day and night, and we will not be intimidated by his NPP Wing.

Evidence abounds on social media and other news channels that #iChooseJM Campaigners were in the afternoon positioned at traffic intersections around 37, El-Wak, Airport and Kawukudi on 2nd of May, 2016.

Sammy Awuku did not find reason to attack us then, but five days after our 7th May operation, He now sees it expedient to insult us.

We forgive him for his insults, but insist that we will adopt whatever globally accepted marketing strategy to campaign for our candidate, President John Mahama, who is not desperate to be President, because He already is.

We at #iChooseJM will like to offer a free advice to Sammy Awuku and the NPP, they should find practicable means of getting Akufo-Addo onto the grounds to campaign instead of he sitting at his house (Palace) and hoping for the media to do his campaign for him and leave #iChooseJM alone, for it is not our doing that they the NPP, its executive and Akufo-Addo have been sleeping on the job instead of campaigning

Francisca Adjei
Dzifa Gunu
Cephas Boyuo
Ayisha Alhassan
Felix Boafo
Yayra Deku
Jude Sekley
Kofi Allouyses

By:Christopher Nii Okai

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