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We Must not sacrifice Peace on the Altar of Politics


Press Release

We Must not sacrifice Peace on the Altar of Politics

We the members of the above named group wish to add our voices to the numerous calls for peace in this conutry before, during and after the November 7th election.

This concern was precipitated by the precarious security situation that has recently engulfed our country with the potential of creating a volatile situation in Ghana before the elections of November this year.

It calls for worry when a group of people could import a number of ex policemen into this country under the pretext of providing security for a flagbearer of a political party. This obviously became possible because of the government’s strict adherence to the principles of the fundamental human rights and freedom of the citizens enshrined in our constitution. However, if this freedom could be abused to the point where our country would be under the threat of a subversion, we as a nation need to strike a balance between the security of the state and the freedoms of the individuals.

On the 19th of April this year, our security forces intercepted a truck full load of 320 pieces of AK47 guns being transported from the North down south, for reasons best known to the suspects. This is another aberration which could lead to a chaotic situation of genocide, especially when the entry point and the real destination of the said amunitions still remain unknown.

These and many other issues that occur at our boarders, form a locus for which we have to express apprehensions about the security of the state in this coming elections.

As a group, interested in the welfare of the vulnerable in the society, the Voice of the Nation wishes to re echo the voice of the numerous voiceless people of Ghana in calling on the government to, as a matter of urgency put measures in place that will ensure optimum security for the people of Ghana.

With a similar voice, we need to eschew naivety and call on Ghanaians to commend the government for the temerity in dealing with the infamous ”South African 3” that nearly threaten the future security of this nation. This is a demonstration of how much the President cares for the security of his people.

It is also significant for every Ghanaian to perform a role of ‘a citizen vigilante’ by volunteer relevant and vital information that would enhance the work of the security forces in keeping the peace of our country.

Finally, we further call on the President to strengthen the security agencies in order to provide the much needed vigilance for a violence free elections come 7th November 2016.
Thank you




(Dep. Secretary)

(Communication Director)

22nd April, 2016

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