MPS Be Enrolled On Pension Schemes ?

Participants in a consultative meeting of the Presidential Committee on Emoluments have suggested that MPs be enrolled on the SSNIT or the other pension schemes.

This will serve as security for them when they are voted out of power.

The participants from the Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions at a zonal meeting in Tamale were of the view that there should be a clear line between Article 71 office holders who are politicians and professionals.

They suggested a permanent commission responsible for reviewing emoluments.

There were some who believed that Article 71 office holders who are professionals should receive higher emoluments than their counterpart politicians.

Some participants also proposed the inclusion of presiding members of Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies to Article 71 office holders.

The chairperson of the Committee, Professor Dora Edu Banduoh said the exercise will deepen and promote good governance.

The Northern Regional Minister, Abdullah Abubakari said the effort of the committee to consult widely on the issue is appropriate and timely and it demonstrates government’s commitment to seek consensus on the issue rather than resort to a unilateral position.

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