Mixed reaction to Justice Jones Dotse’s judgement explanation

A legal Practitioner, Abraham Amaliba, has criticised Supreme Court Judge, Justice Jones Dotse for publicly explaining the judgement on the removal of names of NHIS card holders from the register.

He said it is unethical for Justice Dotse to come out openly to discuss his own judgement.
Speaking on GBC’s Current Affairs Programme, “Behind the News,” Mr Amaliba said it is unnecessary and indiscreet for the judge to discuss the controversy.

Meanwhile, a private legal practitioner, Yaw Oppong says Justice Dotse has the right to comment on the ruling.

He said currently there is no case before the courts so he does not see anything wrong with his comment on it openly.

He said even if the case goes to court, Justice Dotse will sit with six other judges so cannot have total influence on the case.

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