Missing helicopters: Ghana not safe under Akufo Addo – Kwabena Donkor

Former Minister for Power, Dr Kwabena Donkor has said Ghana’s security under the watch of President Nana Akufo Addo is very week and threatened, if indeed some helicopters purchased by the erstwhile Mahama administration for Ghana Gas have gone missing.

According to him, Ghana’s security is in wrong hands if such heavy military accoutrement painted in Ghana Air Force colours cannot be accounted for.

There have been reports that three helicopters for Ghana Gas Company purchased at a cost of 150 million dollars by the previous government are missing.

The co-chair of the Ghana Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (GHEITI), Dr. Steve Manteaw who is also a member of the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) said “sources close to Ghana Gas revealed that indeed the helicopters were bought and that they are being kept somewhere” adding “and I’m not too sure where…”

He added: “so it is early days yet to conclude that they are missing and that for now we just couldn’t find them at the project but it does not mean that they are missing. So we just need to find out where they are and in which condition and shape they are in now.”

But speaking to Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5FM Wednesday, Dr Kwabena Donkor who doubted the veracity of the claims said if the helicopters could go missing, then it means Ghana Armed Forces weapons and artillery could equally go missing, a development which will be dire for the country’s security.

“This claim of missing helicopters has serious international implications, maybe we have not averted our minds to it. These are not matters that should be discussed in the public domainIf there’s a country that wants to support Ghana by donating sophisticated weapons and other military accoutrements, that country will hesitate as the donor will fear the weapons could go missing and get into the hands of terrorists.”

He added that it shouldn’t be difficult for anyone to locate the said helicopters as they are kept with the Ghana Air Force which has the expertise to manage them.

“I’m baffled by this claim, if we put out such baseless statements into the public domain, we inadvertently disagrace the Ghana Armed Forces which is regarded highly in Africa and the rest of the world because the helicopters are safe in their custody. What stops anyone from first contacting the Ghana Air Force before churning out such falsehood. If this has not been done I’m not sure we’re being fair to Ghana. The biggest indictment is on the Ghana Air Force. This is not an NDC or NPP matter, this is about national security.”

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