Minister’s road inspection tour turns violent; Gunshots fired

The Minister of Roads and Highways, Mr Kwasi Amoako-Atta, on Monday went on an inspection tour of the construction site of the tunnel linking East Legon to the Spintex Road but things turned violent following a misunderstanding he had with a heavy-duty equipment dealer.

The dealer had occupied the road reservation area on the Spintex side of the construction and the situation is impeding construction works on the GHtf15 million second tunnel under the motorway.

The minister had been told that the dealer had refused to move his equipment to pave way for the project.
So the minister intervened with his team but the dealer, who has been identified as Array still refused to move.
The minister, Mr Amoako-Atta told the dealer that the project was so important to be disrupted, as it will cause discomfort and inconvenience  for motorists and the public.

But the dealer questioned the minister’s moral authority to ask him to remove his equipment.
He even indicated that he was a staunch member of the governing New Patriotic Party and should be treated fairly.

The back and forth scene became violent to the extent that the bodyguard of the minister was forced to fire warning shots to restore order.
The East Legon Police arrived at the scene and the dealer and his two employees were arrested.

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