Strategic Thinkers Network (STRANEK) sincerely asks the Akuffo-Addo Administration to reduce the number of ministries he has created as too many ministries tend to dissipate public purse.

Upon the release of the appointments, it is obvious that the ministries are the highest in Ghana’s 4th Republic. This could lead to duplication of duties and wasteful use of Ghana’s resources.

In order to spend the tax payer’s money wisely, we recommend there should be a law in place which defines the number of ministries Ghana should have and their various designations checked with a bipartisan legislation. The status quo which entails the free range of creating ministries to suit manifesto promises does not help in wise spending of public purse. In the previous governments since 1992, the number of ministries ranged from 19 to 24 ministries and for that matter we propose the maintenance of some ministries which cut across all sectors of government.

Ministries we think should be maintained are inter alia the Finance Ministry, Education Ministry, Trade and Industry Ministry, Transport Ministry, Roads and Highways Ministry, Communications Ministry, Energy Ministry, Agricultural Ministry, Local Government Ministry, Gender Ministry, Environmental Science Ministry, Tourism Ministry, Regional Ministries, Youth and Sports and any other ministry that deems fit but there should be cap. For instance, we opine that the ministries should not go beyond 18 ministries.

Therefore, we recommend that there should be merging of ministries such as Railways Development Ministry, Aviation Ministry, Ports and Harbour Ministry to Transport Ministry; the Local Government Ministry can take care of Regional Reorganization whiles Evaluation and Monitoring can be taken care of by a unit under the Chief of Staff.

At a time where there is advocacy on managing Ghana’s resources, this is not the time for the Akuffo-Addo Administration to pioneer the dissipation of public purse since he has been the number one lobbyist of judicious spending.

Our recommendation will do Ghana a lot of good if adopted in high esteem by the current government.

Our core mandate remains unabated and that is getting involved in building our motherland Ghana.

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