Mahama’s Good Works Notwithstanding… APATHY COULD AFFECT NDC -In November Polls

Intelligence available to The aL-hAJJ has tossed up two things that could push the upcoming November elections into a 2nd round and possibly, end the rule of President John Dramani Mahama and his National Democratic Congress.

Weeks of comprehensive research by our political desk have unearthed high electricity tariffs and apathy on the part of NDC members as the two instruments that could send the party back to opposition in spite of the good works of President Mahama.

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Notwithstanding his government’s impressive performance, particularly, in the provision of infrastructure and the re-direction of the country’s economy; the growing attrition and despondency among the rank and file of the NDC, the investigations revealed is steadily minimizing the otherwise, best chances of the Mahama government to retain power.

This has further been compounded by high electricity tariffs and taxes which even the ardent member or sympathizer of the ruling party has not been left out amongst those bitterly complaining.

Reports are that while some NDC members including Members of Parliaments, party gurus and officials and ordinary supporters are fuming over neglect, many of them are threatening not to turn up on voting day with others remaining indifferent. “Many of our people are angry. They may not vote at all in the election and this can push the election into a second round and eventually terminate our stay in power,” a worried NDC kingpin recently told The aL-hAJJ

A senior media practitioner with sympathies towards the NDC government told this paper that, the President and party’s woes have further been worsened by the astronomical hike in electricity tariffs and new taxes, “already these people are complaining that they are not being taking care of and now you are compounding their troubles with high electricity tariff and have also introduced new taxes…your own people are really angry with the government and if care is not taken, you may hand over power to the NPP on a silver platter.”

Another worrying development this paper has gathered is that, while the November 7 elections is only five months away, the NDC is yet to wholly resolve issues flowing from the party’s parliamentary primaries. Some of the constituencies including, Bongo, Ningo-Prampram, Klottey Korley, Bortianor-Ngleshie Amanfro and the President’s own constituency Bole Bamboi are among the ‘boiling’ constituencies.

Adding to the daily complaints of neglect, hardship and unemployment by party supporters, some NDC constituencies have problems of parliamentary candidates fighting with their constituency executives.

The above worrying trend is said to be threatening the party’s continued dominance and control of these parliamentary seats in the upcoming election and winning majority votes to boost the president’s dream of clinching a second term.

“Go to the various constituencies; even our strongholds…there is nothing happening there. All you see is backbiting among supporters of the parliamentary candidates and supporters of the constituency executives. The spirit of the NDC that won the last election has evaporated,” another leading member of the party stated.

“We have done extremely well in the area of infrastructure development but, unemployment and hardship which have further been worsened by these high light bills and taxes are the ones destroying our chances and something must be done or we sink,” he added.

A party insider recently disclosed to The aL-hAJJ that most of the high ranking NDC officials who have been the backbone of the party have all adopted a lukewarm attitude towards the November elections over claims of marginalization. Stay tuned

As We Recently Predicted
-To scuttle 2018 Election

The opposition New Patriotic Party has finally confirmed The aL-hAJJ’s series of publications that its functionaries are plotting to scuttle the November 7 elections because their flag bearer’s chances of achieving his childhood dream to equalize his late father’s record as President look grim.

In less than a month after this paper’s last publication, two stalwarts of the party have openly come out to reveal how the party intends to foment troubles before and during this year’s general election.

Signaling what the NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo have up their sleeves are the 2016 Campaign Manager of the biggest opposition party, Peter Mac Manu, and former Kumasi Mayor and Member of Parliament for Asokwa, Maxwell Kofi Jumah.

Speaking to a group of NPP supporters in Takoradi in the Western region, the former NPP Chairman impudently stated that the party would defy every authority in the country including the Inspector General of Police and the Electoral Commission to declare their own election results.

“In this election, the NPP will also declare our own results,” Mr Mac Manu said amid shouts and cheers from party supporters.

The former Chairman of the NPP added: “…The IGP cannot stop us. Whether you are the Electoral Commission, whether you are a peace or security officer, whether you are a polling agent, whether you are a chief, you cannot stop NPP from declaring results.”

However, following severe criticism from political opponents and well-meaning Ghanaians, Peter Mac Manu attempted to backtrack on his roundly condemned statement, insisting that he instead said his party was going to collate their results along with the EC.

Even though some radio stations have played tape recordings of him making the daring and highly provocative statement, the Akufo Addo campaign manager insists their plans to declare parallel results will be possible “because for the first time, we expect the electoral commission to post results at every polling station when it is declared by the presiding officers.”
“We are going to collate our own parallel results, what we call parallel vote tabulation,” he stated.

As part of the NPP’s trouble fomenting agenda, Mr Kofi Jumah also openly declared that his party has devised a strategy code name operation let-the-blood-flow as part of mechanisms to prevent rigging in the upcoming presidential elections.

The former Mayor of Kumasi advised his colleague NPP members to forget about campaigning, printing of t-shirts and be vigilant by employing violent tactics to prevent the ruling government from rigging the elections.

“The NPP will stand firm and match the NDC boot for boot and ensure that the victory for the NPP is achieved. If a thief wants to rob you and you let blood flow to prevent that thief, why then should this statement be described as a strong and offensive statement? No, it is not,” he stated on Accra base Rainbow radio.

His comments came days after the party’s Ashanti regional chairman, Bernard Antwi Bosiako aka Chairman Wontumi stated that he will personally lead attacks on all NDC polling station agents in the Ashanti region if Social Media is blocked on Election Day.

These comments from NPP stalwarts have confirmed The aL-hAJJ’s series of publications revealing the NPP intent to scamper the upcoming November elections.

The NPP, this paper reported, is said to be aware it cannot win the election due to President Mahama’s impressive performance, hence are wishing to prevent it from coming off in order not to suffer its third consecutive defeat.

Alhaji Babalami Tasks Muslims
Pray For Prez
John Mahama
-During This Ramadan

Presidential Staffer, Alhaji Babalami Abu Sadat, has appealed to Muslims across the country to use the Holy month of Ramadan to offer special prayers for Allah’s Guidance, wisdom and protection for the President, John Dramani Mahama.

According to him the President’s dream of improving the living standards of Ghanaians can only be achieved when he is backed with prayers.

“This is the time for Muslims to pray to Allah to guide our leader to find lasting solutions to the challenges of this country,” he noted.

Speaking at a meeting with Muslim leaders, Zongo Chiefs and Imams at Dome Pillar 2 last week, the special aide to the president made a special request to the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr Osmanu Nuhu Sharabutu, Muslim clerics and Imams who will be leading Muslim across the country in prayers during the fasting period to also pray for peace before, during and after the elections.

“We have to pray for peace to continue to reign in the county so that this country will not become like other countries which are experiencing conflicts,” the former legislator for Awutu Senya noted.

He charged Muslims to support the president’s reelection bid, arguing that President Mahama has shown much love to Muslims and, he is also committed to the development of Muslim communities.

He enumerated the numerous donations President Mahama has, and continue to make every Ramadan to leaders of the various Muslim sects, particularly the office of the National Chief Imam, office of the Ahlusuna Waljamaah, Ahmadiya Moslem Mission, Shia Community, Federation of Muslim Councils, Coalition of Muslims Organizations of Ghana, Federation of Muslim Women Association of Ghana, National Council of Muslim Zongo Chiefs and other Muslim organization in the country.

The presidential staffer noted that the president’s contribution to the socio-economic well-being of Muslims and the various Zongo communities across the country is unparalleled, adding “president Mahama therefore needs our support.”

He used the occasion to advise Muslim youths not to allow themselves to be used as tools for creating confusion and violence to the advantage of greedy politicians who, he said, “will win the election and not even remember that they exist”.

Alhaji Babalami therefore charged the youth to be touch-bearers of peace before, during and after the election. He also advised the youth to propagate and promote the true meaning of Islam to people of other faiths.

“As we fast during this Ramadan, we must make the issue of the election a priority in all our prayer because having a peaceful election will boost the democratic credentials of the country and also help to improve the lots of Ghanaians and Muslims,” he stated.

He also tasked Muslims to use the Ramadan to strengthen the peace between Muslims and Christians in the country, saying “a lot of Christians actually perform the Ramadan with us because they share in the beliefs of Ramadan so we want to maintain this peace for the development of the country.”
Alhaji Babalami emphasized that the only way for Muslim and Christians as well as all other religious bodies in the country to continue to worship God is for them to continually pray for peace to reign in this country.

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