Magnetic John Dramani Mahama – Anthony Obeng Afrane

Leadership is an engine of innovation that runs on unity, truth, communication and vision. There are various types of great leaders, but the type that I admire most which is unarguably the greatest is a magnetic leader.

A magnetic leader is a listener, and has a contagious unifying force that brings people together; such leaders are not weighed down by negativity. They lead through dissidence and opposition with confidence. Besides, humility is probably one of the greatest allies that a magnetic leader can have, and I’m happy to state here that these are the qualities President Mahama has brought to bear on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Ghana as a whole.

In every situation in life, unity is necessary for survival, and history has taught us the importance of unity – if a group is united, nothing can shake or unsettle it; and it is based on this that I strongly believe the NDC is going to win this year’s elections without sweat.

The NDC today, is the most peaceful and united political party in Africa; there is no group or family that is not fraught with internal squabbles, but as to how President Mahama, the leader of the NDC has managed to keep the party together in this manner is what beats my understanding. It must take a genius to do that.

The NDC is also the most sought after brand in the country at the moment, and this is evidenced by the strong demand for the party’s paraphernalia even in the strongholds of the opposition NPP. People in their thousands are not expecting money from the party, but party items such as T-shirts.

But as we inch towards the polls, I’m particularly disturbed by the shortage of party paraphernalia for our teeming supporters. Even though tons of such items have been donated by some members and friends of the party, what is in the system is still inadequate. It is estimated that about 5 million more t-shirts are needed, and this calls for contributions from all government appointees and lovers of JM and the NDC.

Having said this, I wish to reveal with heavy heart that some ministers who are also parliamentary candidates are chasing the first family for t-shirts. This is shameful, backstabbing, wickedness and gross ingratitude to President Mahama. They don’t deserve to be ministers. In fact, I’m advocating that they are sacked even before we go to the polls. What nonsense is this! Is this his reward for the honour done them?

The least we can all do for President John Dramani Mahama is to support him in any way we can to win this year’s election for him to continue his changing lives, and transformational agenda.

But for him, Ghana would have been worst, the peace we are enjoying under his leadership is something we shouldn’t take for granted. It has come as a result of his magnetic leadership. We will regret it if we allow him to slip through our fingers.

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