I Made A Mistake Voting For “Old Man” Buhari – Nollywood Actor Video

Solomon in a Facebook post, made known his opinion on the president and the current administration as well as expressed his regret voting for Mr. Buhari based on the current fuel scarcity in the country.

He also noted that although he supported President Buhari at the time, he could not openly state out of fear of his colleagues in Nollywood who campaigned for and supported the previous president, Goodluck Jonathan. READ ALSO: Nollywood Actor Solomon Akiyesi Remarries Again (PHOTOS) He wrote:

“During the last election in Nigeria, I could not openly campaign for Buhari because though I knew we needed change, my colleagues, who by the way were all pushing for Jonathan to be re-elected, would have chewed me raw! And based on that much touted change mantra I voted for the first time in my life for Buhari who obviously was the epitome and harbinger of that change.

“But being locked down here in Abuja and not being able to go out on account of very scarce petrol and not being able to even do small jobs at home electronically on account of no power have me thinking if I made a mistake voting in the first place.” The actor then called on INEC to return his votes, saying:

“So INEC, I beg give me back my vote. I don’t wanna call my OGBANJE in this matter o.” Solomon is infamously known for attempting to marry one woman while still married to another, back in 2013.

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