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She was vilified and called all manner of absurd names, but she kept her head above the turbulent political sea and delivered what has become one of the credible and incident free elections on the African continent.

We at Ghanapoliticsonline.com, thinks Madam Charlotte Osei has proved her virulent critics wrong. Of course, as human she got a few things wrong, nonetheless she has done what some advanced democracies could not do.

Today, tons of commendations are pouring in for outgoing President, John Mahama and President elect, Nana Akufo Addo. Others have also commended Ghanaians for their maturity and ability to eschew violence even in heated political season.

The single individual who has received little or no commendation is Madam Charlotte Osei. She promised to deliver a world class election. Her critics doubted this and took her to the cleaners. Some even went to the extreme of alleging she exchanged sex for the position.

Others accused her of being in bed with the NDC. Those who posited this unsubstantiated claim said she was hired by the president to skew the election in his favor. Partly based on this absurd notion, several attempts were made to frustrate her effort.

A politically tainted law suit was filed at the apex court of the land to stop her appointment, but the court exposed the folly of those behind that action. When attempts were made to force an “elite voters register” down her throat, she was bold enough to reject it.

Bent on proving that she cannot do the job, the anti-Charlotte Osei crusaders attempted to use the court again to have their way, but again they ended suffering legal bruises. In all of these, Charlotte Osei became the “chewing stick” for persons who ought to have known better.

Today, those who made ugly noise about the supposed incompetence of Charlotte Osei has profited immensely from her exploits and they are happy throwing their weight about.

Charlotte Osei has now become their “darling” daughter. They want to treat her like an Arabian queen simply because she has declared them winners of the election.

Such is life! Truth can never be buried. Charlotte Osei adopted a position, defended it and today she has proved her critics wrong. You may not hear them openly praising her, but at their secret meetings they murmur about how the EC boss has done a fantastic job.

Politicians will always remain politicians. Politicians in general lack principles. When they are in government, they see things different but when they are out of government, all they do is to engage in acts that will court sympathy for their bid. We can pardon these politicians for their vile attacks of the EC boss. May God forgive them.

Madam Charlotte Osei has made a strong case for women across the world. She has delivered a credible, free and fair election. The EC today is not the EC of yesteryears. We need more women in public positions and Madam Charlotte Osei has paved the way.

Nii Okai – Ghanapoliticsonline.com

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