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Mac Manu’s deportation from Kenya, my take – ELIKEM K. KOTOKO

Many have had a say and a cause to wonder why the former Campaign manager of our President His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will be denied entry to Kenya. The latest to have added his voice is Dr Ziblim Iddi, the MP for Gushegu and with his I put across the following observations.

Dr Iddi claims that Mr Mac Manu is an expert in electronic voting and that might have caused fear and panic in the camp of the ruling President, Uhuru Kenyatta and his camp.

He added that it could also be due to the fact that his invitation was at the instance of the opposition National Supper Alliance in Kenya.

His third point is that Mr Mac Manu is an Honorary Chair of the Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) which is an umbrella body of centre-right political parties in Africa. He concluded by saying it was a bad judgement call and in fact one that could affect the diplomatic relations between Ghana and Kenya.

Hmmmmmm!!! Frankly if these assertions by Dr Ziblim are or were to be true I would have wished he even kept his silence and not say anything on this matter. I am quiet disappointed in Dr Iddi Ziblim, for a man of his stature to fail to see that, his comments in itself already betrays him, Mr Mac Manu and the NPP at large as having an alliance with Kenyan’s Opposition National Super Alliance (NASA).

Belonging to a party of self acclaimed “competent” politicians I expected the Hon member of parliament of Gushegu to have known that the posture of their campaign manager was rather an anti-Ghana, Kenya diplomatic stance especially as his party was in power.

This is not even an issue of competent insinuations, its a simple common sense theory.

How on earth will a ruling government facilitate the entry of an ally of their opposition into its country, when he is entering under a disguised international NGO called Democratic Union of Africa.

So much for our foreign policy, but what did Dr Iddi mean by saying it affected Ghana Kenya relations. Was Mr Mac Manu’s travel a state or government of Ghana sanctioned movement? Has it become the norm now for Ghana to take on the fight for citizens denied entry to other countries because of their affiliation to the NPP? This elitist lifestyle and politics of a few benefiting without strategic steps to better the lot of the Ghanaian is abysmal say the least.

In as much as no official comment from the Kenyan government has been made regards his denied entry, members of the NPP should know throwing into the media public such lame rationalisations do not do them any good.

I have come to realise that its not calling your opponent, enemy or competitor incompetent that makes you competent. Its the results of your hard work that pays.

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