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I have read the article of Manasseh Azure and would have ignored it as usual but decided to respond this time because it has become obvious that he just hate president Mahama and it’s making him destroy his career as a journalist hence abusing the application of common sense in all aspects of life.

His opening remarks that “any idiot can borrow money and undertake infrastructural projects” which I will duel on mostly is enough abuse of the application of common sense.

Unfortunately, common sense despite being common could not aid Manasseh realize that nobody gives out money to any idiot who is not credit worthy and gives the creditor no hope of getting his or her money back.

I have worked with a financial institution that gives out loans and it afforded me the opportunity to know the processes and requirements of giving out loans and I will share with readers. Before a loan is given out, the credit worthiness of a client needs to be established. The client will have to save with the financial institution for a while to prove that he or she has the capacity to raise money and is already doing some business but need help to expand and get assets lacked to make the business grow more. The person then apply for a loan but it does not end there. Credit officers visit the business of the person to confirm if the business is worth pumping the amount of money requested for into and after the assessment a decision is made on whether to give out the loan or not. Guess these processes are enough to make common sense prompt Manasseh and those that think like him that no idiot can wake up in the morning and go for a loan to invest in infrastructure.

I have always maintained that loans are given out to expand existing infrastructure to aid the increase in productivity. No institution or nation gives out loans to any idiot who tell them I need money to go organize a party for friends when it’s obvious the party will not yield any financial dividends to ensure it is paid back. That’s why the previous npp government did not tell investors that they were going to use the 2007 eurobond to pay party communicators and some journalists to say good things about their government and deceive Ghanaians into believing that they have done the unthinkable for Ghana. They made them believe they were going to invest the money in building infrastructure in the form of railways and other stuff but after getting the money, they failed to do that and gave them out to individuals to enjoy.

The above example confirm the fact that any idiot cannot go for a loan to invest in infrastructure and the few that are able to find a way out at the end of the day end up messing up the money and find it difficult to pay back. Common sense should therefore make Manasseh know that it takes a focused person with great vision to go for a loan and invest it in infrastructure to create the condition for increased productivity to make payment of the loan easy and less stressful. Exactly what President Mahama is doing for Ghana and Manasseh together with his followers are refusing to see.

Lastly, let me establish the fact that infrastructure is needed in all aspects of life to ensure productivity. One will need infrastructure in the form of a shed to sell kenkey. This will attract more customers because they have the assurance of a better place to sit and enjoy their kenkey without being beaten by rain or suffering from the scotching hot sun. Common sense should therefore make Manasseh and those hailing his insults and attacks on the president and his abuse of common sense application know that borrowing to invest in infrastructure means borrowing to eliminate obstacles that hinders the progress of a nation like bad roads, traffic situations that waste productive hours, no access to portable water, no access to electricity, less hospitals to take care of the very people that provide labour for production in a nation, not having enough schools to educate citizens to give the nation a brighter future, etc. These are the obstacles president Mahama and the NDC government are eliminating by going for loans and investing in them infrastructure like the Kwame Nkrumah circle interchange (which Manasseh believes deserve no praise), Kasoa interchange, the cocoa roads, 123 new community day shs, the eastern region university, the 4 regional hospitals, the district hospitals being constructed nationwide (he should go to Dodowa and see how they are benefitting from their new district hospital), the Takoradi railway project, etc.

I will draw the curtains here by telling Manasseh that even if we assume that any idiot can go for loans like he claim, it’s an established fact that it takes the wise to invest what he or she has in hand in order to gain more. It will take a wise person to know that we need to build more health facilities to ensure we reap the benefits of the nhis fully, build more schools to ensure that the benefits of the school feeding program and and progressively free shs policies are reaped to the core, build more roads to ensure smooth transportation of people and goods to increase the earnings of the nation which affects GDP positively in the long run, etc. Common sense must guide all to praise the government that has the vision to go this way and anything contrary by an individual is an abuse of common sense in the highest order.

Catch you on the flip side of common sense, folks.


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