LMVCA to physically stop NHIS registrants from voting

Pro-opposition pressure group, Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA), has threatened to physically prevent persons who registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards in 2012, from voting in the November polls.

The group’s decision follows the EC’s response on the Supreme Court ruling that described the nation’s electoral register as “reasonably inaccurate”.

The EC explained that the recent ruling did not specifically instruct them to delete the names of those who registered with the NHIS cards as a proof of identity, hence their inability to delete the names of such persons.

According to the EC, there are already laws that exist to enable the removal of ineligible voters on the register which would be used under the circumstances.

But speaking to Citi News, the convener of the LMVCA, David Asante, said the group will ensure that those who registered with NHIS cards do not vote if the EC fails to obey the court’s order.

“On the day of election, Ghanaians who believe in the sovereignty of our election will make sure we implement the Supreme Court orders. We will make sure over 4 million Ghanaians who registered with National Health Insurance cards are physically prevented from voting because the Supreme Court says they should get their names deleted from the electoral roll.

“… The Supreme Court has ordered that let all those names be deleted but the EC says no we won’t delete them. We the masses in the country will implement fully the orders of the Supreme Court. Either the Supreme Court orders are obeyed by the EC and those names are deleted or on the day of election, we shall physically prevent them from voting,” he said.

Already, the former PNC Youth Organizer, Abu Ramadan, who’s suit at the Supreme Court elicited the ruling, has vowed to sue the EC Chairperson and her members for contempt of court.

However several legal luminaries have urged the two parties to return to the Supreme Court for a much clearer interpretation of the judgement. Citifmonline

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