What Limited Voter Registration should mean to NDC

The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana, will tomorrow April 28, 2016, open its limited voter registration exercise. It represents one of the significant parts of the Commission’s fervent preparation towards the scheduled November 7, 2016 Ghana Elections.

The program is scheduled to get new voters – who have attained the voter-age of 18 on the electoral roll, and also give a window to those already registered, but might have misplaced their voter empowerment cards; although the EC, has announced that registered people, could vote in the November elections without the Voter Card (sic) its biometric nature.http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

However, as the EC prepares itself to meet its deadline, the various political parties in the country, vowing to beat each other to the game of voter numbers, come the voting day, are also falling on their wits’ best, by leaving no stone unturned.

This, therefore, must form the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the November general election, isn’t going to be a child’s play.

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