I join all colleague comrades of the great NDC, well-wishers of our great party and lovers of multi-party democracy to congratulate the Professor Kwesi Botchwey Committee for a good work done.

I believe that after such a meticulous work, the recommendations of the committee are likely to meet the aspirations of the rank and file of our party.

I trust that the leadership of our party would go straight to work to implement the recommendations to facilitate our reorganization and prepare us for a return to government in January 2021.

From the findings of the Committee, there is no doubt that our party has been severely wounded and greatly hurt by the political set-back of 2016. So if any group deserves even greater commendation, it is the grassroots of the party, for their incredible patience during the entire process as we all awaited the report of the Botchwey Committee.

Now that the wait is over, I urge the leadership of the party to begin the healing process immediately without further delay. Armed with the knowledge of what happened, it is time to use our set-back of 2016 as the set-up for our come-back in 2020.

There is victory for us.
Eye Zu!

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