Kwasi Pratts condemns George Andah over Hannah Tetteh attack

Kwasi Pratt, the managing editor of the Insight newspaper has condemned George Andah, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate for Awutu Senya West, for asking voters in the constituency to demand the whereabouts of the husband of his rival for the seat, Hannah Tetteh, on the campaign trail.

“When I come, I bring my wife. Go and tell Hannah that when she is coming, she should bring her husband. Tell Hannah to show her husband to you,” Mr Andah told a cheering crowd.

His remarks have been roundly condemned by several members of the public who have questioned why the former MTN marketing officer would drag Madam Tetteh’s husband into his campaign.

Weighing in on the issue on Accra-based Radio Gold, Mr Pratt said he was disappointed by Mr Andah’s remarks, especially because he had a lot of respect for him and expected better of him.

He questioned whether Mr Andah was suggesting that Madam Tetteh, a divorcee, was useless without a husband.

“So is George Andah telling us that if a woman is not married it means she is useless? I am so shocked that this fine gentleman will stoop so low to make such comments. I have a lot of respect for this man and that is why I feel terrible and disgusted about this,” he said.
Stressing that Mr Andah’s conduct could discourage other women from entering into politics, Mr Pratt said the NPP parliamentary candidate should feel free to disagree with his NDC rival, but should not subject her to personality attacks.

“You can disagree with her, but to attack her personality is very bad and below the belt because we all know that Madam Hannah Tetteh was married with kids but divorced,” he said.

Mr Andah, meanwhile, has defended his remarks, saying that Madam Tetteh was the first to describe him as “irresponsible”.

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