Kevor Mark-Oliver writes …One year Today, One Week Today

Political parties are formed as vehicles for development. I have joined the NDC as a way to contribute to National development. I still believe it is the only party that creates the conducive platform for so many young people who aspire to contribute to the party. A reason at this early age, I have had the opportunity to serve at all levels of the party from branch to National (NEC member). This is partly the reason I reflect today on what has happened along this path to public service.

I write today with mix mood. Today is a special day to remember.

First of all it marks the sacrifices my parents and love ones make in this political journey.

Today is exactly one year I was re-elected as the Eastern Regional Secretary. Earlier in the day, I have received the sudden news of the accident of my mother, her driver and a few friends who were on their way to Apeguso to support my re-election. I would have been telling a different story if it wasnt the intervention of God. A few of the accident victims are still receiving treatment. I still continue to pray for them.

That election was very important to me to demonstrate that our party has not lost its sense of rewarding hardwork, commitment and loyalty. It was also to settle the untruths following the aftermath of our 2016 loss. And ultimately that election was important to resist a rising anti-JM sentiments in the Region. And indeed, I am forever grateful to Constituency executives who under intense cognitive pressure rose to the occasion.

For those who felt dissapointed when I announced my resignation as Regional Secretary, it was not to take their mandate for granted. I have said, victory 2020 for JM is non negotiable and we may all have to change roles along the way to realise this history. They will realise that my presence as Regional Secretary, despite the hope it gave many, was also a barrier to some other officers who felt they could become effective only in my absence.

It is for the opportunity for those to demonstrate their abilities, part of the reasons I had to leave. Multiple centres of power in the Region only had the tendency to draw the region back and as a party in opposition, we didnt need this. Interestingly a meeting of REC was held a day after my resignation [a positive sign of readiness to work alas].

Today is also exactly a week after my lost in the Afram plains South Parliamentary primaries. Going into this elections, I had very high hopes of winning. But local dynamics have its own way of churning out a winner for such primaries. I have taken my loss in good faith. I was the first to embrace the winner, accept defeat and pledge my support for him even before the results were officially declared.

Subsequently I have sent congratulatory message and placed calls to the winner. I have also been touched by the actions of the incumbent MP who lost. Whilst he is suppose to be the prime vanquished and must be receiving the necessary encouragement, he has rather called [at least twice to me] providing words of encouragement and directions on how we can all support to ultimately maintain the seat and mobilise massive votes for JM in 2020.

I have learnt a lot of lessons. I have gone through two difficult elections in less than a year and it has been very stressful but with a lot of lessons for the future. I have sent my message of gratitude to all who stood by me throughout the period especially my campaign team and advisors.

I still remain committed to a strong NDC in eastern region in particular. The soldiers I have helped raised in all the constituencies are committed to deliver victory for JM in 2020. Let us eschew hatred and petty infighting. For some people, elections are means for settling personal scores, once elections are over, they have little to offer. I call on all aspirants who lost to be circumspect on what they do or say today. They should be mindful of their actions so it doesn’t undermine our collective quest for Victory 2020.

A year today, a week today still remain a special day in my political life.

Kevor Mark-Oliver

Former Eastern Regional Secretary

31 Opanyin Sarpong Street

Asokore, Dabiasem.

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