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Kenkey is one of the healthiest Foods in Africa – Kenkey Fest Organizers

Communications Director of the Kenkey Festival team, Attractive Mustapha Nii-Okai Inusah has said that Kenkey is one of the healthiest foods in Africa.

Speaking in a phone interview ahead of the launch of the festival today, he said that Kenkey is one of the most popular staple foods in Ghana and therefore West Africa which is very healthy and comes with a nutritious pack if its accompaniments are added to make a full dish.

“Kenkey is one of the staple foods consumed in Ghana. Made from maize, a major source of carbohydrate which is highly an essential source of energy for the human system.”

In Ghana, there are teo main typex of Kenkey namely Ga Kenkey and Fante Kenkey which are popularly referred to in the local parlance as “Nkraen dokono and Mfantse dokono” respectively.

While the Fante kenkey is mostly produced in the Central and Western Regions, Ga kenkey can almost be labelled as a traditional food for the Ga people from the Greater-Accra Region and is common in all parts of the country.

Attractive Mustapha encouraged all Ghanaians and tourists who have come to experience the rich cultural heritage of the land to take the opportunity to eat kenkey today as the whole country celebrates to promote our foods to the world.

Talking about the Festival, he said the Kenkey Fest brings together a variety of kenkey delicacies in the country with assorted combinations of various sauces, fishes, and others.

This exciting event is aimed at exploring the different types of kenkey meals across Ghana aside the commonly known ones. It also debunks the notion that kenkey is for Ga people only as other tribes across the country and West-African sub-region will also display special kenkey types at the event.

Activities that will make the event more colourful and exciting include live band karaoke, musical chairs, Good Old Days (Traditional Games) and other entertaining activities.

Winners of competitions will be given some Gigi wears.

Time for Kenkey Fest is 9 A.M today, 9th March, 2019 till you cannot eat any more balls of Kenkey.

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