I went to bed thinking I was not going to dream because I couldn’t sleep early yesterday. But I was wrong.

The president’s phone was still in my hands hoping to return it to him as soon as possible. I could hear sounds of waiting calls as soon as the dream continued as I continued my conversation with President Mogabe of Zimbabwe.

Did he call you? He asked. Who? Whom were you expecting to call me? The man, he said. Which man? I asked him.

Then he whispered something to himself. It was in English and so I heard it although faintly. “See me see trouble ooo”. That was what he whispered to himself. The guy from White House I mean. Oh! He did! I added.

What did he say? Human rights abi? Including gays and lesbians right abi? Then I whispered to myself, kp) ntsu yea da! (see this mam oo).

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