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Some NPP surrogates at Kasapa FM, pretending to be neutral journalists posted a heavily falsified story on Ghana Web aimed at ridiculing the NDC representative on their morning show yesterday with the hope of diminishing the views articulated on the show and satisfy their paymasters.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mr. Prince-Derek Adjei, a Former Presidential Staffer who represented the NDC, was neither unruly nor was he thrown out of Kasapa FM as the author of the fake story had promised the NPP prior to the show, for which reason he and his gang acted out the drama and posted the false story to earn their retainer.

Again for the avoidance of doubt, he has he been thrown out of any station for that matter; though many hosts and NPP panelists have shown apprehension at either hosting or being paired up with him because he is tough, factual and unrelenting.

*The false story posted on the GhanaWeb news portal by the Kasapa FM Morning Host is nothing but FAKE NEWS!*

_NB: Not everything posted on Ghana Web is true, indeed a lot of things posted on Ghana Web is nothing but a *WEB OF LIES* posted by demented minds_

The Kasapa FM Morning Show Host, Kweku Owusu Agyei [Patoo] and his paymasters are hereby challenged to produce the video of the NDC representative being thrown out or having been thrown out of the Kasapa studio as he purports; as the entire show was video taped by Kasapa FM.

Mr. Kweku Owusu’s open bias against the NDC on Mondays, each time that Mr. Prince Derek Adjei represents the NDC, is public record thus Patoo is often refered to as the EXTRA NPP PANELIST *#NUMBER 12* on the show previously hosted by Fiifi Boafo, who confessed during his farewell get-together at Kasapa FM, that Monday mornings were his biggest challenge each week.

Two weeks ago the Host of the Kasapa FM Morning show, Mr. Kweku Owusu Agyei was soliciting (on air) to be introduced to Mr. Asenso Boakye [a Deputy Chief of Staff] offering to do damage control _pro bono_ as Mr. Asenso was under intense media attention for alleged corrupt acts including the *Kwesi Nyantekyi-Akufo Addo Pocket-Money Scandal.* and an bizaare accident on the President’s convoy.

It was therefore not surprising that the host [Patoo] put up a very spirited defense of Mr. Asenso and the NPP during the show and declining to allow the NDC representative continue with his submission on the show.

Mr. Princ-Derek Adjei called for all mentioned or indicted in the Anas Exposé particularly the President, Vice President and other government officials mentioned by Mr. Kwesi Nyantekyi to submit themselves to independent and credible investigation, _*a position articulated by the NDC General Secretary Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia later that evening.*_

Mr. Prince-Derek Adjei insisted on staying to represent the NDC and actually stayed in his seat throughout the entire duration of the one-hour show.

*The unruly Kasapa host who rained insults* including dragging in the name of the Ga Mantse in his tirades much to the annoyance of Mr. Prince-Derek Adjei.

Sensing danger, the cowardly host [Patoo] called on his colleagues and security to remove the NDC rep from the studio.

The eight-man team failed to throw Mr. Prince-Derek Adjei from the studio, the drama was on videoed by a gleeful Kasapa staff who obviously was part of the scheme to create a scene, to enable them prevent the NDC rep [PDA] from further discussing the Scandal engulfing the entire Presidency of Akufo Addo.

After conferring with the NDC Communications Officer and Deputy decided to stay for the duration of the programme but was not offered a microphone to put across an alternative view.

After a brief monologue by the NPP reps [host and panelist] the programme ended without further incident.

Readers on social media should beware of such fake News & Jaundiced Journalists as the NPP reels under the weight of many Corruption exposés, the indictment of the Presidency in the Anas Expose and their inability to deal with the economy, security, infrastructure, heath, education, fuel prices and other challenges that Ghanaians are disappointed about with the Akufo Addo-Bawumia incompetent government.


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