Justice VCRAC Crabbe Calls For Circumspection In Criticizing Electoral Commission

A Former Supreme Court Judge and Electoral Commissioner Justice VCRAC Crabbe has advised Ghanaians to be cautious in criticising state institutions such as the Electoral Commission.

He said the EC’s work is critical to the country’s democratic process and must be given the utmost respect.

He said demonstrations and legitimate agitations against the EC are good in keeping the commission on its toes but should be done with a constructive mindset and with decorum.http://ghanapoliticsonline.com/

Justice Crabbe said the commission is not interested in registering unqualified persons.

He maintained that the issue of minors and aliens in the register should be tackled from individuals who are responsible for those acts or else when the register is opened these irresponsible acts may re-cur.

A Former Deputy Chairman of the Commission, David Kangah appealed to Ghanaians to show keen interest and actively participate in the exhibition of the voters register when it begins across the country.

Mr Kangah said the exhibition is very important in the run up to a successful voting process.

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