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A year indeed runs faster when the memory of it is so STRONG, June 3 2015 was without a doubt, a very dark day in the annals of Ghanaians.

Over 100 innocent lives perished over a situation that could easily have been prevented if a few things had been done right.

Today we remember June 3 with pain and sadness but also with a resolve that NEVER again will nature and negligence combine to wreck such havoc and disaster on innocent lives.

The efforts of a combined rescue team from the Ghana National Fire Service, the National Disaster Management Organization, City Authorities, the Police and Military as well as other well meaning citizens led to some significant rescues and must be commended a year on, we say ayekoo. You on Ghanapoliticsonline.com, keep reading


It is refreshing to know that medical bills of all who were affected was quickly taken up and fully settled, burial and related costs of the casualties was also not left to the affected families, some compensations have recently been paid to some 25 victims who were affected directly by the disaster. Very commendable efforts coupled with the fact the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) out of humane reasons had to postpone and cancell celebrating its 10th anniversary by donating over ghc1million to refurbishing the Burns Unit at the nation’s premiere teaching hospital korlebu.

Commendable efforts but a lot clearly needs to be done further.

1. A fund ought to be put in place from this day to continously support the lives and medical needs of the surviving victims whose lives have been permanently altered by this unfortunate disaster.You on GhanaPoliticsonline.com keep reading

2. Both the State and Corporate Goil must ensure at least some educational support for the children of our unfortunate deceased victims in order to at least assuage the pains of these unfortunate kids.

3. Businesses in and around ground zero who lost virtually everything as a result of the disaster and who till date have not been able to get back to business be adequately compensated and helped.

4. Closure and subsequent publication of any service station that refuses to adhere to acceptable safety standards which has the potential to cause havoc as happened on June 3 be rigorously pursued from hence.

5. The month of June from hence be set wholly aside for general education and sensitization of the average Ghanaian on the streets about the things to do and not do when close to petrol filling stations anywhere in the country as negligence could indeed be costly not only to the ignorant but also the innocent close by.

Whiles we believe these few things if done will help shift bitter memories to a common resolve of all and sundry to be conscious of themselves whenever there is the need to ensure their own safety first in any circumstances they find themselves especially around filling stations, we also use this occasion to throw our support to the National Petroleum Authority in their various efforts at ensuring a safe downstream for all by encouraging the NPA to as a matter of absolute neccessity enforce all the innovative policies instiuted since this unfortunate June 3rd day in 2015 amongst which is the need for anyone looking to site a new service station to seek approvals first from the authority before proceeding to the other licences as we also believe that is the way to go in checking the dangerous sitting of stations as happened previously accross the country.

We use this occasion to remind all Ghanaians to be safety conscious at all times when at filling stations whiles also ensuring they as a matter of urgency report any bad practices at any service station for appropriate action by the appropriate authorities concerned to remedy whatever potentially disastrous situation.

Together we can all ensure a safe environment to forestall the recurrence of June 3 ever again in Ghana.

A safe environment is a shared responsibility
God bless us all.


Duncan Amoah
Executive Secretary
Chamber Of Petroleum Consumers

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