The Electoral Commission of Ghana was envisioned as an independent body to act for the avowed purpose of pursuing the objective of free and fair elections. The recent conduct of Jean Mensah and her colleagues at the Electoral Commission has raised several questions about the Electoral Commission’s impartiality and ability to act fairly and independent

All that Jean Mensah and her colleagues have done so far is closing their doors to the opposition parties and taking orders from the government and the ruling party. This raises significant questions about the independence of the Electoral Commission.

I have repeatedly stated that, the independence of the EC can be assured only if the appointment and dismissal of the commissioners are insulated from the influence of the political executive. The EC boss and her colleagues who were recently appointed by the current President have become politically vulnerable because of this bogus arrangement. This is affecting the functioning of the EC rendering them dangerous to our teething democracy.

President Akufo-Addo and his government have effectively captured the electoral commission jeopardising the institution’s integrity. The President demolished the independence and integrity of the electoral commission the very day he accepted that bogus petition from those faceless persons against Madam Charlotte Osei.

The electoral commission of Ghana, which is responsible for the conduct of elections, enjoyed great public respect and confidence because of how Jean Mensah’s predecessors conducted themselves, and handled the commission. But the trust and confidence stand eroded under the current leadership. The commission is breaching its on code of conduct just to help the incumbent rig the coming election. We are heading in the same direction as some of our sister countries on the continent because of Jean Mensah’s arrogance and controversial decisions.

Countries with better health systems and adequate personnel have suspended political activities because of the coronavirus pandemic. We saw what happened in France recently.

When it comes to issues raised by the Npp, the EC is always absolutely on straight line, when it comes to the opposition’s issues, is completely bias. This is evident everywhere and dangerous for our democracy. All this institutional capture that is taking place under President Akufo-Addo and all the negative effects we witnessing will automatically have consequences in the future.

Jean Mensah and her lords must be made aware that the opposition and the good people of this great nation are not going to sit aloof and allow our institutions to be disturbed , controlled, crushed. Anybody who colludes, anybody who fall to this unholy pressure should know is committing serious crime against the state.

The constitution of Ghana guarantees the EC the independence to supervise our election matters and conduct free and fair elections. It doesn’t guarantee it the independence to be partial and reckless. The EC’s latest statement confirms our suspicion that it is bent on rigging the 2020 election. Why this rigidity and arrogance.

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