J.B Danquah’s Family Angry With NPP

The immediate family of the murdered member of Parliament for Abuakwa North in the Eastern Region, Mr J.B Danquah Adu , is angry with the New Patriotic Party(NPP),

The late MP’S Family anger stems from undue politicization that the party which embarking on , with his gruesome murder issue. http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

The NPP since the gruesome murder of the MP in the earlier hours of last week Tuesday , has made lots of comments that seem to further worsen the pain his family is going through.

The party, days after the death of the MP who contributed substantially towards its activities, was playing the ostrich as if nothing serious has happened.

First was a member of Parliament , claiming that the death of the Family man was a good omen for the party toward the 2016 elections.

then some senior members of the party also making some conjectures as to what exactly led the murder of the , otherwise lively MP.

so far , one person has been arrested by the police in connection with the MP’S murder.

The suspect is reported to have confessed to the murdering of the MP and further claimed that je was contracted for a fee of Gh2000, TO DO THE KILLING.

Highly placed source within the family says that the family was totally worried about the posture of the NPP over the death of Mr Danquah -Adu.

the source said that the family was shocked to the marrow , as to why a party that claims to be full of lawyers would hijack the work of the police , such frivolously and to the setriment of serious investigations into the murder case.

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