I’m appalled by Jean Mensah’s ‘arrogance’ – Felix Kwakye Ofosu

      Deputy Minister of Communications Mr Felix Kwakye Ofosu has added his voice to the current debate going on in the media as to if National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) should participate in the IEA organized debate or not by saying when he is given the opportunity to vote for or against NDC’s participation, he is going to vote against based on the behavior of Jean Mensah.

Speaking on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji, he said that the Executive Director of IEA Jean Mensah is in no position to summon any political party to participate in any IEA organized debate because in his opinion, the debate not beneficial than the other platforms that are already available to the various political parties.

“I am appalled by the insufferable arrogance displayed by Jean Mensah and her IEA. This week, I had the opportunity to listen to her interviews on some media platforms and I couldn’t simply believe she seems to inset herself and her organization into the public discourse and have a situation where political parties and other interest groups participate in the process, take such a contemptuous and disrespectful position against the very stakeholders that they seem to bring on board” he said

According to him, this is not the first time the Executive Director of the IEA, Jean Mensah is behaving this way.

“One can recall that moment in 2012 when at the 11th hour, the PNC indicated that their flagbearer Hassan Ayariga was unable to participate in the IEA debate scheduled for the next day or so, she Jean Mensah, came out in a similar arrogant manner to talk down on the PNC, their General Secretary and Presidential Candidate then” he said

He opined that the IEA is not superior to any political party in this country and therefore have no right to talk down any political party in this country.

“She absolutely has no right and her wings must be clipped by that organization if indeed they want to be taken seriously in this country. Political parties are not minor organizations neither are they school boys to be summoned by the IEA as and when it chooses to debate” he added

In a seperate chat with Ghanapoliticsonline.com, he lamented that it’s common sense and basic standard practice that if you are going to engage in an activity of this sort, you first consult the stakeholders before coming out to launch it.

You can’t go out there and launch a debate without consulting any political party and expect them to show up.

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